Saturday, May 21, 2011

A new way to help people save!

My friends are always asking me "How did you save so much?" and "Where did you get that coupon?" I decided to start a blog with all my savings and then break it down so it is here, organized and accessible even when you don't see me. It will keep it off my facebook wall too. Then, I also won't be bugging those who like paying full price for things. But I reserve the right to call them SUCKERS!!!

My plan is to show you how you can get great savings on things you need and start posting some pictures. Yay! Pictures!

Somewhere I have to make a list of the food I have. I have cabinets that are packed, a drink area that is overflowing and my fridge and freezer is full, but the kids still ask me "What do we have?" when I tell them to get a snack? I also need to get better about planning meals! This is going to be my weak point!

One more thing, I am a 'couponer' and a 'deal chaser', but I am NOT a 'shelf clearer'. I am not going to buy 20 of something and leave the shelf bare for the next person. It is RUDE and GREEDY! Gas is almost $4/gal. I don't want to have to drive to a different location of a store if something is out, and it sucks to go to the store at 12:30am, and they already be out of the product on sale. *YES, I am talking to you Walgreens shelf clearer!!!! You must really stink to buy 30 bottles of body wash!!!!* <snicker> So, I am putting this here for information and to help you get the same deals, but please don't buy every single item up. I want all of us to share the goodies! Plus, if it's not this week I'm finding free toothpaste, it'll be next week. Plenty to go around!