Saturday, May 28, 2011

$5 off $50 purchase at Shurfine!

Printable coupon!

York Area Coupon Policies

We are fairly lucky here that the local stores double coupons at all. Some areas of the country, even neighboring counties in PA, this is unheard of, or they don't get it as good as we do. It can vary from one store to the next though, so it's a good idea to ask at Customer Service before you get to the check out and are surprised with a bill higher than you thought it would be.

Always have a store discount card! Doubles are usually only with a store discount card! Plus, at most stores, you are earning money towards gas discounts, so sign up for one today if you don't have one!

Some coupons say "do not double" on them. Look at the coupon's barcode. If it starts with a 9, it will not double. The computer will not allow it. If it starts with a 5, the computer will allow it to double. The cashier can hit a button to make it not do this though, so don't pick a "coupon nazi" cashier!

Young guys are usually the best as they just don't care or want to read your stack of coupons. If what you are buying doesn't match the product, it's going to beep to let them know. Sometimes they beep even when you have bought the product, and they can override it so it goes through once they confirm you bought what is on the coupon. Don't be intimidated by the beeping!

This is based on my personal experience at the stores in Red Lion, York and Shrewsbury.


Giant will double any coupon that is $0.99 or less. We get "full doubles" so if you ever found a $0.99 coupon, it would become $1.98 (or up to the price of the item, there is no "overage" you can apply to other items in your order.) This is why I love $0.75 coupons! They become $1.50 off!

But they will only double 1 like coupon per transaction. So if you have 2 of the same $0.50 coupons for 2 bottles of the same juice, only the first one would become $1.00, the other would still be $0.50. It is best to split up your orders to get the best value for you coupons. If you have a lot, go through the self checkout. I have never had the attendant say a word to me about doing seperate transactions.

They do not take IP (Internet Printable) coupons for a free item. *most of these are fakes anyway*. They also won't usually take an IP that states BOGO (Buy One Get One Free). It is best to ask and see if they will. The word "free" makes them nervous. The max value of an IP they will take is $5.00.

They may also take a competitor's coupon so long as it is for a specific item, but it's a YMMV situation. (Your Mileage May Vary)

Here is their double coupon/Internet coupon policy:


Weis will also double any coupon that is $0.99 or less, full doubles. In my experience, if the doubled value is over the price of the item, it will apply the "overage" to your order. For example, there is a coupon for $0.55 off San Giorgio Quick Cook Pasta. Doubled, it is worth $1.10. This goes on sale for $1.00 all the time. Everytime I have used this coupon at Weis with the $1.00 sale, I get $1.10 off my total. At Giant, I only get $1.00 off. I still get the item for FREE though, so it's cool.

Weis will double 4 like coupons per transaction. So I could buy 4 of those bottles of juice and have 4 $0.50 coupons, and they would all become $1.00 off. If I had a 5th coupon and a 5th bottle of juice, it would go through at $0.50.

On a BOGO sale, they are not supposed to take a coupon on the "free" item according to their coupon policy. But the computer (and cashier) may let it go through. It's a YMMV situation.

They also take comptetitor's coupons as long as it's for a specific item, including Catalina's. So if you go to Giant and the coupon machine prints you $1.00 off your next purchase of Brand X Bagels, and Brand X Bagels are on sale at Weis, you could use it there, even if it says "Giant" on it.

Internet printable (IP) coupons are accepted at Weis, up to a value of $10.00. They do not take an IP for a free item. They take non-IP coupons that are for a free item though. But if it's a BOGO IP, they will accept it.

Here is their coupon policy:


Shurfine in Spry will also double any coupon that is $0.99 or less, full doubles. They don't have a limit as far how many of a like coupon will double. I asked just the other day, and then used 7 of the same coupon on 7 of the same items. All doubled.

You can also use a coupon on the "Free" item in a BOGO free sale because with their BOGO, each item rings up at half price.

I don't have information on their IP policy, but it is posted at the Customer Service desk. I am going to get more information and update.


Jerry's Great Value in Red Lion will double any coupon $0.50 or below. If you have a coupon between $0.51 and $0.99, it will become a $1.00 off. It does not do a full double here. I don't even think you need their store card for this, as their card does not get you a discount on your order. It is only a rewards card to earn points towards money off a future order or a gas card. I am not sure how many like coupons they will double, but next time I go there, I am going to ask at the service desk. I know I have done 3 of the same before and it worked. I got 6 boxes of pizza rolls for $0.50 each. The kids loved me for those!

Going to find out more information as far as IP go. I don't buy much here unless they have the best deal on something for which I have a good coupon.

Food Lion

I just started going here a few weeks ago. I stop on the way home from work once a week to get whatever the hot deals are, and that's it. You have to get their bonus card for the sale prices, as they won't even let you use a generic store card to get the sales.

They will only double your first 5 coupons, and your total before coupons has to be over either $30 or $35. The cashier wasn't sure when I asked. She didn't know the value of coupons they would double either. So, next week, when I go, I am going to ask again and try to get a better answer. Or a copy of it, as they didn't seem to have one...

The best thing to do if you are not sure is to ask at Customer Service! If you have any more information from your personal experience, please add it to the comments!

Rite Aid heads up

In case you are in the mood to make some money off Rite Aid... (this sale ends today)
They have Bengay on sale for $5.99 with an in-ad coupon for $2.00 off. There was also a $3.00 off coupon in last weeks paper. So your final price is $0.99 each.

Note, the store coupon says one per customer, but I can usually get a nice cashier to let me just do seperate orders. (I don't push it and usually just do 2 as I live down the street and can always go back later.)

Buy 5 of them, pay $4.95 total. But you just hit the Weekend Warrior Up Reward!

Up rewards are coupons back to use on your next order. You need a Wellness card, which is a free bonus card you can sign up for in store. You don't even have to carry the card because they can look it up by your phone number.

Because your pre-coupon price is now over $25, you will get a $10 Up Reward! You just made $5.05, and you have 5 tubes of BenGay to give to your grandma, or your husband who has a bad back...

No coupons tomorrow!

Because it's a holiday weekend, there will not be any coupons in the newspaper tomorrow! Don't waste your money on one unless you're like me and like to scribble on the sales flyers!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Giant Dollar Doublers

I am trying to get up a post about the great deals from Giant, but I have a ton of other stuff to do today.

But I wanted to let you all know, that if you got a Sunday paper this week, on the front of the Giant ad are 4 "Dollar Doublers" store coupons! These are exciting!

This means they will double $1.00 coupons to $2.00, up to 4 in an order provided you spend $15. Go ask customer service, and they will tell you your total has to be $15 after coupons, blah blah's all LIES! The system will accept them so long as your total after all other savings (BonusCard price) is $15 or more! They will also tell you that it's one per household. But yet they don't track it on your Bonuscard. So yeah, you can do it as many times as you wish. Maybe back-to-back, but I don't try that. I don't like dealing with so many of the cashiers; I use the self checkout whenever possible!
Here in York, because all the stores (well except Food Lion, more on this in a future post) double coupons up to $0.99, we get alot of $1.00 coupons in the YDR inserts. I hate this! This is what made me start buying the Baltimore Sun too. So many times, we get $1.00 off one item, while the Sun has a $0.75 off one item, which will double to $1.50 here, and save me more money! So, dig out your Giant flyer from your recycle bin (these coupons are not available in any of the stores I've been to in the area) and your $1.00 coupons will turn them into $2.00 coupons!!! This happens about every 6-8 weeks.

Also, if you have a Giant flyer from the paper and don't want to use your dollar doublers, I know someone very nice who will take them off your hands and put them to good use! I should have bought more papers this week!!!

This ends on Saturday!

Also, look on the back of the Best of York County Flyer *cough,cough* and there is a coupon for 300 bonus gas points if you spend $50. Unfortunately for me, this is $50 after all coupons, so I would never hit that in one transaction. But I know tons of people who would! And you could split a $100 order and use the coupon twice to get 600 points!

Amazing savings today of over 79%!!!

I wasn't done, but I had to stop and come home to get the kids off the bus. It was an amazing day!

My total before sales and coupons would have been $181.03, but I only spent $36.83!

What did I get? Where did I go?

I went to Weis, Giant and Shurfine. I didn't just drop into savings, I had the whole thing completely planned, which is why is was succesful!

This is what I bought:

4 12pks of Coke
1 12pk of Shurfine Cream Soda (DS9 tells me he loves me when I buy I do)
9 Knorr Rice and Pasta Sides
1 Magnum Ice Cream Bars
3 Packages of spoons (for DS5's party at school)
1 Cool Whip
2 Suddenly Salad
4 Wacky Mac
1 6pk of Snapple Tea
2 Snyder of Hanover Pretzels
1 Kunzler Chicken Franks
2 Cheez-It's
1 Special K Cracker Crisps
4 ChiChi's Salsa
2 Jollytime Popcorn
6 Ears of Corn
4 Simply Orange (single serving)
4 Simply Lemonade (single serving)
4 Hanover Gold Line Steam in Bag vegetables
4 Playtex Tampons
2 Edge Shave Gel
3 Skintimate Shave Gel
4 Schick Hydro Shave Gel

All that for $36.83. Plus I have a $10 coupon to use at Weis next time I go on almost anything, a coupon for 20% off at Payless, 200 bonus gas points at Giant (.20 off 30 gallons=$6.00 value) and a $1 off my next purchase of meat at Shurfine! Also, I am submitting for a $4.99 Mail in Rebate on the Snapple!

I hope I got everything listed...the kids moved my receipts! I need that receipt for the Rebate!!!

Cheap Sunscreen at Weis!

Another post about the buy $25, get $10 off your next order! This is amazing this week!

Remember, Weis goes by pre-sale prices to figure the $25 you spend.

This week, Banana Boat and Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen is $2 off at Weis. You might be able to find better sale prices elsewhere, but with this get $10 off coupon going, Weis is the place to do this.

I got 3 bottles of Banana Boat sunscreen. The shelf prices were $9.49, $8.99, and $8.29. This is a total of $26.77 before discounts. Then, $6 came off for the sale (3 x $2) and then I had a $1.00 off any Banana Boat product coupon for each. A total of $9 in discounts, and my total was $18.77 plus tax.

But remember, I already had a $10 off my next order coupon. I used that and because of the way PA taxes post coupon prices, I paid $8.42 for 3 bottles of Sunscreen. And, another coupon for $10 off my next order.

Then, because I didn't think 3 bottles of sunscreen would be enough for us for the summer, I bought some more.

I got 2 more bottles of Banana Boat sunscreen and a box of Playtex tampons. I will never have to run out and buy these in an emergency situation again! Shelf prices were $11.49, $9.49 and $5.19. This is a total of $26.17. Then $4.00 came off for the sunscreen sale (2 x $2) and another $1.20 for the Playtex sale.  I had 2 more $1.00 off any Banana Boat sunscreen coupons and one for $1.50 off the Playtex. A total of $8.70 in discounts, so my total was $17.47 plus tax.

Again, I used the $10 coupon I got on the previous transaction, and I paid $7.89. And, another coupon for $10 off my next order.

You may be thinking, "Well that's great and all, but you had all those coupons...I don't have all these coupons." On a side note, coupons are regional and for whatever reason, the York Daily Record did not have Banana Boat coupons this week, but the Baltimore Sun did. Which is why I buy both papers each week. The larger market papers will have different coupons sometimes! I also had coupons from my last 2 ALL YOU magazine. I had a total of 4 $1.00 off coupons when I walked into the store. I needed 5 to pull this off...but I had a plan!

There are peelies on some of the Banana Boat products! A peelie is a coupon that is stuck to the product on the shelf to make you want to buy it! So I got another $1.00 off coupon from there! You could go do this right now!

To summarize: I spent $16.31 on 5 bottles of sunscreen and a box of tampons, and I have $10 to spend at Weis on anything I want the next time I go!!! That is like I spent $6.31!!!

Even finding great deals at Shurfine!

The first day we moved to PA, I needed dishwasher detergent. I went to Shurfine and couldn't find a single brand of it on sale or for a good price. So in my head, I thought they were horribly expensive, and I only stopped there from then on in a dire emergency.

I've recently rediscovered Shurfine, and I am glad that I have! They have the best coupon policy in town. They let me double the same coupon as many times as I want....what? Really! (Giant does 1 like coupon that doubles per order, Weis has a limit of 4 like coupons per order) 

Here was my trip from Shurfine today!

-I got 4 bottles of ChiChi's Salsa for $1.00 each. Was on sale for $2, with a $.50/1 coupon that doubled to a $1 for each. Final Price: $4 for 4 bottles
-2 boxes of Jollytime Popcorn on a BOGO sale. $2.49 for both, with a $1.00/2 coupon. Final Price: $1.49 for 2 boxes.
-A 12pk of Shurfine brand Cream Soda because it makes my oldest son happy. $2.89.
-6 ears of corn for $1.98 ( I could have got 12 ears for $3, but it always goes bad before we can eat it all when I get 12)
-8 13.5oz of Simply Orange and Simply Lemonade. On sale for $1, with a $.50/1 coupon that doubles to $1.. Final price: FREE
-4 bags of Hanover Gold Line Steam in Bag Vegetables. On sale for $3/4=1.33 each. I bought 4, and used 2 $1.00/2 coupons. Final Price : $3.32/4 bags, or $.83 each!

My total spent was $14.07 (The most spent in one place on one transaction all day!) But I saved $16.55 with their Gold Card, and I saved another $15.00 with coupons! Without coupons and sales, this would have cost me $45.62! I saved 69% here!

I also got back a $1 store coupon for my next meat purchase over $5. Hopefully I can match it up with a good meat sale!

Great deal at Weis!

Weis is running a deal that is on at several places this week. I like to call it the Energizer deal. But I didn't buy one single battery. So many major companies own brands that you wouldn't even think are related. This one includes Playtex, Schick, Edge, Wet Ones and Hawaiian Tropic/Banana Boat.

For this deal, you need to spend $25 on certain Energizer products, and you get a coupon at Checkout for $10 to use on your next order (OYNO). These are commonly referred to as CAT's as in Catalina, the owner of the coupon machines. The $10 can be used on most anything in the store as a form of payment on your next shopping trip! (not milk in PA, not cigs/alcohol, but most anything!)

Now you may say, I don't want to spend $25 on stuff and only get $10 back. That's an OK deal, but where is the big savings in that?

Weis is the best place around to do any of these buy $XX get $XX back deals. Because usually when these deals are running, the items are on sale and there are coupons in the Sunday paper at the start of the deal that go along with the items on sale. You are now thinking it would be even harder to reach $25 then, right?  Hmm...not at Weis! They go by the shelf price...the much higher, NON SALE price! You only need to have a $25 total before your Savings Card, and before your coupons! Now the fun...(and Math)...begins!

Today, I went into Weis armed with some rough math and a envelope of coupons. All just regular coupons from the Sunday paper, and almost all of them from just this past Sunday. Ok, so I buy 4-5 papers a week...BUT I make that money back and more on my Sunday morning drug store run!

This is what I got:

Final Price is $9.87 plus tax= $10.40

And the best part, at the very, very end after I paid, out prints the $10 coupon! Just like I knew it would! Success! And also another coupon on the Playtex and a 20% off anything at Payless. Guess where I was at just BEFORE I was at Weis??? Yeah, I had to get the boy a pair of shoes. But the other boy will need a pair too, so this is another $3-4 of savings based on the shoe prices there!

Then, when I got back out to my car, I said to myself, I have the coupons to do this again, and make it an even sweeter deal, because this time instead of paying $10 of my own money, I will have $10 in money from the store to spend on it!

So, this was a little different, but with the coupons I had, it looked like this:

My children misplaced my receipt, and I suck at figuring tax, but I used the $10 coupon I got from the first transaction, and walked out with 2 boxes of tampons and 5 bottles of shave gel for under $2! Plus, I got another $10 coupon!