Saturday, May 28, 2011

Rite Aid heads up

In case you are in the mood to make some money off Rite Aid... (this sale ends today)
They have Bengay on sale for $5.99 with an in-ad coupon for $2.00 off. There was also a $3.00 off coupon in last weeks paper. So your final price is $0.99 each.

Note, the store coupon says one per customer, but I can usually get a nice cashier to let me just do seperate orders. (I don't push it and usually just do 2 as I live down the street and can always go back later.)

Buy 5 of them, pay $4.95 total. But you just hit the Weekend Warrior Up Reward!

Up rewards are coupons back to use on your next order. You need a Wellness card, which is a free bonus card you can sign up for in store. You don't even have to carry the card because they can look it up by your phone number.

Because your pre-coupon price is now over $25, you will get a $10 Up Reward! You just made $5.05, and you have 5 tubes of BenGay to give to your grandma, or your husband who has a bad back...

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