Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Absolutely free gas points next week at Giant!

Well, if you have the coupons for it.

Next week, the up2u gum will be $1.00. It will also be in the buy 7, earn 200 gas points. There is a $1.00/1 coupon in the 10/9 SS. Making the gum completely free (unless there's tax? idk), and earning free gas.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

$0.29 Golden Grahams and Cocoa Puffs at Weis

There are new printable coupons for $0.85/1 Cocoa Puffs and Golden Grahams at www.Pillsbury.com today. The cereals are on sale for $1.99 this week at Weis. After doubled coupon, $0.29 each. There is also a coupon there for $0.85/1 Muir Glen product. The soups are on sale for between $1.75-$1.99. Cheap soup after doubles!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Week of 11/13

I have been really busy with life and slacking. I did want to point out a few cheap and free things this week.

If you need gas points or points for your free turkey at Giant, the Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate is a good deal. Buy 6 @$1.25=$7.50. Use 2 $1.00/3 coupons from Sunday's paper, pay $5.50, earn $6.00 off gas (on 30 gal).

There will be no bonus gas points next week. The current cycle ends next Saturday.

Weis has the 3.52oz Toberlone candy bars on sale for $1.00 (regularly $2.29). There was a $0.50/1 coupon in Sunday's paper. The coupons say do not double, but they are coded so that they will. Free candy bars for stockings! I got some earlier, so it definitely will work!

Also Giant and Weis both have Texas Toast croutons for $1.25. There is a $0.50/1 coupon on SmartSource.com, making them $0.25 after doubled coupon.

If you get a salespaper from Jerry's Great Valu in Red Lion, there is a coupon for $10 off a turkey wyb 12 participating Kraft products. It includes some of the usually $1.00 or less items like Cool Whip, Stove Top, Marshmallows and Jello. It also includes some of the Kraft items on gas points at Giant, and it is a manufacturer coupon. Several other good manufacturer coupons are in the ad too.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

11/6-11/12 Gas Promotion at Weis!

Next week, there is a promotion that wyb 10 participating Smuckers products, you will earn $0.30 off each gallon of gas.

We should see coupons to match up with this deal in Sunday's Red Plum.

The listed items are:
Crisco Canola or Vegetable Oil 48oz $3.49
$1.00/2 Crisco Products 11/6 RP
Pillsbury Quick Bread $2.00
Pillsbury Cookie Mix $2.00
Pillsbury Cake Mixes $1.00
Pillsbury Frostings $1.00

$1.00/2 Pillsbury Frosting or Brownie Mix 11/6 RP
Pillsbury Brownie Mix $1.25
$1.00/2 Pillsbury Frosting or Brownie Mix 11/6 RP
Pillsbury Best Flour 5lb $2.49
Jif Peanut Butter $2.00
Smuckers Preserves or Jam $2.00

$1.00/2 Smuckers Jam, Jelly, Preserves or Fruit Spread 11/6 RP

To earn $0.30 off gas at the max allowed of 20 gallons would be worth $6.00.


Maybe you have heard about e-coupons, thought they sounded great and then realized that your local store doesn't offer them. Shurfine does, Giant does in some markets (not in ours that I've ever seen) and Weis does not. E-coupons are coupons you load to your loyalty card online and then the savings come off at the register.

SavingStar is an e-coupon service that anyone can use. They offer e-coupons that you activate online or by mobile app. But they do not come off at the register. Instead, they post to your SavingStar account 7-30 days later. Once you have $5.00 in your account, you can request the money deposited to your bank account, to your paypal account or in the form of an Amazon.com gift card.

Go to
SavingStar and register. Add your loyalty card numbers and then activate the e-coupons you want. Then buy the items and watch your account grow! The best part is that they can be stacked with manufacturer's coupons. Locally, CVS, Rite Aid, Weis, Giant and Shurfine are all participating.

Note: The coupons are one time use, so even if you buy multiples of the item, you will only get the savings once.

I love their mobile app because it alerts me when there are new coupons available. I activate them all so I don't miss out on anything!

It's a very easy way to add to your savings!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

DEAD! Free Puffs Tissues starting 10/30 at Weis, no coupons needed!

Weis is running a promotion where when you buy 5 participating products, you get back $5.00 to use on your next order. Included are Puffs Facial Tissues 48-69 ct. They are on sale for $1.00.
The deal is buy 5, pay $5.00, get $5.00 to use on your next order. Which could be more tissues if you need some, and you'd pay nothing the next time and get another $5.00 back. There should also be a coupon for Puffs in tomorrow's paper to make this a money making deal.
Weis has pulled this deal. They have a memo posted at the store and said that the Puffs were never supposed to be included in it. So if you got in on the free tissues, you're lucky. Sometimes this happens.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Covergirl $8.00/2 coupons

In the 10/2 P&G, there were $8.00/2 Covergirl face products coupons. If you still have some left, I would suggest using them at CVS on Sunday or Monday. The coupons expire Monday.

The deal is that Cover Girl products will be on sale for Buy 1, get 1 half price. They will also be on the buy $30, get a $10 gift card. They carry gas, restaurant, etc gift cards there. If you have enough of the coupons, you could walk out paying nothing and earning the gift card. These gift card promotions go on the price before coupons.

Note: To use the coupons correctly, they are for face products. Cover Girl has said on their FB page that they ate only for foundation, powder, concealer and blush. Not eye shadow and lipstick, etc.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Kmart double coupons = cheap Hot Dogs or Bologna!

This week, Kmart is doubling all coupons under a dollar. This makes for a great deal on the BarS hotdogs or bologna. There is an on ad coupon to get them for $0.88 limit 4. Then, Sunday there was a coupon for $0.75/2 BarS hotdogs or bologna. After doubled coupon, they come out to $0.13 each!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Giant Gas Rewards 10/23-10/29 Matchups

Here are the Giant Gas Rewards items for this week:

Buy 7, earn 200 points ($0.20/gal)

Weight Watchers Smart Ones $2.00
$3.00/10 8/7SS
$1.00/5 IP
$3.00/10 IP

Freschetta Pizza $5.99
$1.00/1 IP

Birds Eye Voila $6.99
$1.00/1 IP

Jimmy Dean Breakfast Sandwiches $4.50
$1.00/1 9/25RP
$1.00/1 8/28RP

Weight Watchers Smart Ones Satisfying Selections $2.50
$1.00/2 8/7SS

Green Giant Just for One Vegetables $3.35
$1.00/2 9/11GM

Nestle Drumsticks $3.00

Red Baron 12in pizza $3.50

Tony's Italian Style Pizza or Garlic Cheese Bread $2.50

Hanover Gold or Silver Line Vegetables $1.67
$1.00/3 IP

Pillsbury Grands Biscuit Sandwiches or Egg Scramblers $2.50
$1.00/1 9/11GM
$1.00/1 10/2GM
$1.00/1 IP
$1.10/1 IP

Pepperidge Farm Garlic Texas Toast $2.25
$1.00/2 10/16SS

Skinny Cow Ice Cream Novelties $4.19

Farm Rich Frozen Snacks $5.99
$0.75/1 10/23SS
$0.75/1 IP use zip 90210
$0.75/1 IP

Mama Rosie's Pasta $2.50
$1.00/2 IP

Green Giant Wanchai Ferry or Romano's Macaroni Grill Frozen Entree $6.99
$1.50/2 10/2GM
$0.75/1 Romano's IP

Pillsbury Toaster Strudel 12ct $4.79
$1.00/3 9/11GM
$1.00/3 10/2GM
$0.50/2 IP

Sara Lee Original Cream Classic Cheesecake $4.89
$1.00/1 IP

Lender's Bagels $1.25

Buy 5, earn 200 Points ($0.20/gal)

L'Oreal Skin Care Products $1.00OFF
$1.00/1 9/18RP
$1.00/1 10/23RP

L'Oreal Cosmetics $1.00OFF
$1.00/1 9/18RP
$1.00/1 10/2RP
$2.00/1 IP

L'Oreal Feria Hair Color $1.00OFF
$2.00/1 IP

L'Oreal Kids Shampoo $2.50
$0.75/1 10/23RP

L'Oreal EverPure, EverStrong or EverSleek $5.99
$1.00/1 10/23RP
$1.00/1 9/18RP

Scott 6 Mega Roll Paper Towels $4.99
$1.00/1 August All You Magazine

Clorox 2 Bleach $4.99
$1.50/1 or $3.00/1 IP

Serenity TENA pads or Guards $10.00
$1.00/1 8/28SS
$2.50/1 IP

Seventh Generation Diapers $8.99
$1.00/1 7/31RP

Chinet Comfort Cups $2.50
$0.55/1 10/23SS
$1.00/1 IP

L'Oreal Studio Products $3.79
$1.00/1 9/11RP
$1.00/1 IP

L'Oreal Vive Shampoo or Conditioner $3.00
$0.75/1 9/11RP

Airwick Mini Candle $2.50
B2G1Free 9/18 SS

L'Oreal Preference Hair Color $1.00OFF
$2.00/1 10/2RP

Scotties Facial Tissues $1.25
$1.00/5 IP

Scott Bath Tissue 20roll $13.49
$1.00/1 Extra Soft 10/23SS
$1.00/1 10/23SS

Clorox Liquid Bleach $2.00
$0.25/1 IP

Neutrogena Skin Care Products $1.00OFF

Dial Complete Foaming Hand Soap or Hand Sanitizer $2.00

Nivea Body Wash $4.49

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Coupon Preview 10/23

This weekend, we should get 2 inserts. 1 Red Plum and 1 SmartSource.

Here are the expected coupons. Remember that some coupons are only put out to certain regions and that the values might differ too.


Aleve $1.00/1 20ct+ product excluding Aleve-D x1/31/12
Aleve-D $1.00/1 product x1/31/12
Alka-Seltzer $1.00/1 product x1/31/12
Alka-Seltzer $2.00/1 Plus product x1/31/12
Arrowhead $1.00/1 .5-liter 6-pack or $1.00/2 1-liter bottles of sparkling water x12/4/11
Bar-S $0.75/2 1lb Frank or Bologna x12/4/11
Bar-S $1.00/1 2.5lb Smoked Sausage x12/4/11
Bayer $1.50/1 Advanced Aspirin product x1/31/12
Bayer $1.00/1 Aspirin product x1/31/12
Citracal $1.00/1 product x1/31/12
Crest/Oral-B $1.00/1 3D White oral care item ets Target Coupon x11/30/11
Dunkin Donuts $1.50/2 bags 11oz+ coffee x1/31/12
Flintstones $2.00/1 multivitamin product x12/31/11
Iams $1.00/1 5lb+ dry dog food Target Coupon x12/31/11
i-flex $5.00/1 120ct x12/31/11
L’Oreal $0.75/1 kids product x12/18/11
L’Oreal $1.00/1 EverPure, EverSleek, EverStrong shampoo or conditioner x12/18/11
L’Oreal $1.00/1 EverPure. EverSleek, EverStrong treatment x12/18/11
L’Oreal $1.00/1 Excellence or Excellence to-Go shade x12/18/11
L’Oreal $1.00/1 Pairs eyeliner x12/18/11
L’Oreal $1.00/1 Paris eye product x12/18/11
L’Oreal $1.00/1 Paris skincare product x12/18/11
L’Oreal $2.00/1 Paris Youth Code x12/18/11
Meow Mix $1.00/1 dry cat food 3.15lb+ or $1.00/4 single cat food cups or $1.00/1 cat food variety pack x12/17/11
Monterey Pasta Company $1.00/1 pasta or sauce dnd x12/31/11
Neo-Synephrine $1.00/1 product x1/31/12
Newman’s Own $0.50/1 pasta sauce, salsa, lemonade, marinade or popcorn x12/3/11
Newman’s Own $0.50/1 Salad Dressing x12/3/11
Newman’s Own $1.00/1 Thin & Crispy pizza x12/3/11
NicoDerm $7.00/1 NicoDerm CQ 14ct+, Nicorrette Gum 100ct+, Nicorette Lozenge 72ct+ or Nicorette Mini Lozenge 81ct x12/11/11
Nivea $1.00/1 body lotion x11/20/11
Nivea $3.00/2 body lotion x11/20/11
One A Day $1.00/1 adult or teen multivitamin product x12/31/11
Phillips $1.00/1 product x12/31/11
Phillips $4.00/1 Colon Health product x12/31/11
pur-Abdorb $3.00/1 iron x12/31/11
Sara Lee $0.55/1 20oz wheat bread dnd x11/30/11
Sara Lee $0.65/1 Hearty & Delicious 100% Whole Grain Breads dnd x11/30/11
SlimShots $5.00/1 liquid portion control x12/31/11
Tide $0.50/1 detergent x11/30/11
Vanity Fair $0.65/1 napkins dnd x12/31/11
Vanity Fair $1.25/2 napkins dnd x12/31/11


Argo Baking Powder $0.30/1 on one 12oz x1/2/12
ARM & HAMMER $1.00/1 Kid’s Spinbrush powered toothbrush x12/31/11
ARM & HAMMER $1.00/1 Spinbrush powered toothbrush or refill x12/31/11
AXE Buy 1 Get 1 FREE buy any AXE shower gel or detailer and get one AXE shower gel or detailer FREE maximum value $5.99 x11/13/11
Barilla Plus $1.00/2 any barilla plus x12/18/11
Boston Market $1.00 any individual meal, whole Boston Carver Sandwich or combo or Entrée salad. Restaurant and online order coupon x11/20/11
Boston Market 15% off any online order coupon x11/20/11
Chinet $0.55/1 chinet comfort Cup package 12oz or 16oz x12/31/11
Enfamil $5.00/2 Enfamil or Enfagrow larger size powder 22.2oz. or larger x12/31/11
Equal Saccharin $1.00/1 100 count or larger x1/23/12
Equal Sucralose or Equal Classic $2.00/1 100 ct o larger x1/23/12
Ex-Lax $2.00/1 any product x1/31/12
Finish $0.75/1 Powerball or Gelpacs x11/30/11
Finish $1.00/1 quantum x11/30/11
Friday’s $1.50/1 any one T.G.I. Friday’s x12/4/11
Friday’s $1.00/1 any one T.G.I. Friday’s x12/4/11
Friday’s $2.00/2 any two T.G.I. Friday’s 10oz,15oz,or 27oz chicken snacks x12/4/11
GoodNites $2.00/1 Underwear jumbo pack or larger x11/19/11
Huggies $0.50/1 any baby wipes 64 ct. or larger x11/19/11
Huggies $1.50/1 any diapers x11/19/11
Huggies $3.00/1 any package of Huggies Little Movers Slip-On Diapers x11/19/11
Land o Lakes Butter $0.50/2 x12/31/11
Melitta Coffee $1.00/1 8oz. size or larger x1/31/12
Neutrogena $1.00/1 any Neutrogena Naturals Cleanser x12/31/11
Neutrogena Hair Care Product $2.00/1 excluded trial size and gift sets x12/31/11
Neutrogena Hand or Body lotion $1.00/1 x12/31/11
Neutrogena Men $1.00/1 x12/31/11
Orajel Kids $1.00/1 On Orajel MY WAY toothpaste x12/31/11
Reynolds wrap $1.00/1 any one Pan Lining paper x11/30/11
Ristorante $1.00/1 when you buy one Dr. Oetker Ristorante Pizza, any variety. Dnd x12/11/11
Scrubbing Bubbles $2.00/2 one step toilet bowl cleaner refills x12/3/11
Scrubbing Bubbles $3.00/1 one step toilet Bowl cleaner starter kit x12/3/11
Triple Wash $1.00/1 on NEW triple wash gentle diaper rash formula x12/31/11
TruMOO Chocolate $0.55/1 when you purchase 1half gallon or larger of trumoo chocolate milk x11/19/11
WHONU? $1.00/1 Nutrition Rich Cookies x12/25/11
Zantac Product $1.00/1 24ct or larger x1/31/12

Thanks Sunday Coupon Preview

Monday, October 17, 2011

Cheap Smart Ones and Ore Ida Frozen Fries or Potatoes next week at Weis!

Starting Sunday at Weis, you can score cheap Smart Ones Entrees and Ore Ida Frozen Potatoes or French Fries after coupons and an Catalina coupon off your next order. You get a $7.00 coupon On Your Next Order (ONYO) wyb $20, and a $3.00 OYNO wyb $12.

Here are the participating products:
Smart Ones Entrees 2/$4.00
Smart Ones Satisfying Selections $2.79
Classico Pasta Sauce $2.29
Ore Ida Frozen Potatoes or French Fries 2/$6.00
Heinz Ketchup 40oz 2/$4.00

The deal on the Smart Ones is:
Buy 10 Smart Ones Entrees @$2.00ea=$20.00
Use $3.00/10 Smart Ones IP
(Or check your 8/7 SS for the same coupon, or maybe a $1.00/5. I have both from that paper, but I don't know which was in the YDR.)
Pay $17.00
Get back $7.00 OYNO
It's like paying $10/10, or $1.00 a piece

The deal on the Ore-Ida is:
*Remember Weis has always went on shelf price, not sale price on OYNO deals*
Buy 6 Ore-Ida Frozen Potatoes or Fries @$3.00ea=$18.00 (shelf price $3.79x6=$22.74)
Use 2 $1.50/3 Ore Ida from 10/9 SS
Pay $15.00
Get back $7.00 OYNO
It's like paying $8.00, or $1.33ea

Free Starburst starting 10/23 at CVS!

Starting on 10/23, the Starburst single rolls will be on sale for $0.50. When you buy 4, you get back $1.00 in Extra Care Bucks. On CVS' website, there is a printable CVS store coupon to Buy 1, Get 1 Free! Print 2 of the coupons, and score 4 packs for free!

CVS coupons

The deal looks like this:
Buy 4 Starburst @$0.50ea = $2.00
Use 2 B1G1F coupons
Pay $1.00
Get back $1.00ECB wyb 4!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Free Paper Towels at Food Lion! Plus Cheap Hair Care!

Food Lion is running THE BIG DEAL! This runs until 10/25. The premise behind it is if you buy 10, 20 or 30 of the participating products, you save $5, $10 or $15 instantly. Plus the products are already on sale. This instant savings basically takes another $0.50 off each item and you can use coupons on top of it. It is mix and match. You can see all the participating products here.

There is a great deal here on the single roll of Brawny Paper Towels. They are on sale for $1 each. When you buy 10 of them, you save $5.00. Also, in the 9/25 SS insert, there were coupons for $1.00/2 any Brawny Paper Towels. No size restrictions, so it works on the single rolls. After the $5.00 in coupons, (if you have 5), you only pay tax on $10.00, or $0.60 total for 10 rolls of paper towels!

Also, carried over from last week and lasting until 10/18, there is a Unilever Health and Beauty instant savings. When you buy $15 worth of participating products, you get $5.00 off instantly. It includes items like Suave hair products, kids products and Dove Hair Care.

In the 10/2 RP, there were B1G1F coupons on these products! The Dove is $3.00, but the Suave Professionals and Kids' Shampoos are running $2.58 each. When you buy 6, you have spent $15.48. Subtract the $5.00 in instant savings and the $7.74 for the 3 you get free with the coupons. Total is $2.74 plus tax ($0.93)=$3.67 for 6 items. I got 2 Dry Shampoo, 2 Volumizing Stylers and 2 Kids' Shampoo. Just double check the pricing to make sure you are over $15 before coupons because the detanglers are less expensive.

In summary, I got 6 Hair Care products and 10 rolls of paper towels for $4.27 today! I wish I had more of those paper towel coupons! I have 2 weeks to try to scrounge up some more!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Del Monte Canned Fruit $0.11, Canned Vegs $0.27 at Weis, no coupons needed!

This is an amazing deal!

This week at Weis, when you spend $15.00 on Del Monte products, you get a $4.00 coupon printed at the register for your next order. But, something is happening that is it printing 2 of these coupons, one Manufacturer and one Store coupon, both for $4.00 off! 

Since Weis goes by the non-sale price when printing these coupons, here is the deal:

Canned Fruit (non-sale price $1.69)
Buy 9 cans for $1.00 each= $9.00
Get back $8.00 in coupons
Final Price: $1.00 or $0.11 each

Canned Vegetables (non-sale price $1.39)
Buy 11 cans for $1.00 each= $11.00
Get back $8.00 in coupons
Final Price $3.00 or $0.27 each

I am not sure it's supposed to be printing both coupons, so go as soon as you can! I did this, and it worked! 

Friday, September 16, 2011

Coupon Books found this week!

It's been a great week for finding coupon books at the store! 

First, I found this Diet Coke coupon book at Giant in a cardboard display with Diet Coke cans on it. 

This was also at Giant, on an endcap display of General Mills products. Full of GM coupons! 

This was also at Giant. It is the Kraft book they were giving for donation last week. The store in Red Lion had them laying out on the School Rewards table for the taking! 

At Weis, I found this SC Johnson book full of cleaning supplies coupons! It was on a cardboard display in the cleaning aisle. 


Also at Weis, I found this on the Hanover Pretzels cardboard display. It has coupon for Hanover products, but also other products like New York frozen bread and Rosina meatballs! 

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cheap deals this week!

I know these end tomorrow, but they are worth going out for if you have the time.

Giant is running instant savings deals this week since the Gas Rewards cycle ends tomorrow. So make sure to use any you may have earned!

One of the instant savings deals is if you buy 10 of certain Kraft/Nabisco products, you get $3 off instantly. The best deal here is to buy 10 of the Nabisco Go Packs. They are little cookies and crackers in bucket type containers with a yellow lid. If you buy 10 of these, you will pay $7. BUT, there was a $1.00/2 ANY Nabisco cookies or crackers coupon in the 8/7 SS. These work on these packs, no beeps. So for 10, you end up paying $2.00 (if you have 5 coupons)

Weis has Edy's Ice Cream with an instant savings deal. The 48oz size is on sale for $3. If you spend $12, you get $3.00 off instantly. But here is where Weis always going by the shelf price makes this an awesome deal! The non sale price on these are $6.99. Buy 2, pay $6.00, get the $3.00 instant savings off, and you pay $1.50 each. There was also a coupon in the 6/12 RP for $1.00/2 of these, so if you have that coupons, they come out to be $1.00 each! YAY for cheap ice cream!

Also, Shurfine has Totino's Pizza Rolls for 3/$4, but when you buy 3, you get 1 free. So they come out to a $1.00 each. There were coupons in the General Mills insert on 8/7 on these. The York paper had $1.00/2. Buy 4, use 2 coupons and you end up paying $2, or $0.50 each. Other papers, like the Baltimore Sun, had $0.35/1, so the coupon doubles to $0.70/1, and you pay $0.30 each!

These all end Saturday, August 20th.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Weis Shopping Trip 7/31

I can't wait until I don't work on Sundays anymore...only 2 more left! It seriously cramps my shopping and blogging time! Although, unless I find something else soon, I won't be working anywhere! Sigh... I feel bad that there were 2 great deals that expired when the coupons did at midnight, and I didn't realize it until 11pm. I made it there, but I didn't get to share it. 

Anyway, I spent $16.55 plus $1.20 tax at Weis, did 4 transactions (and it wasn't even my favorite late night cashier working....I think this one is awesome too now! I love the Red Lion Weis!) I saved $62.99! 

I bought:

16 50sq ft Reynolds Wrap Recycled Aluminum Foil, on sale for $2.00ea, used $0.75/1 coupon that doubled to $1.50, so $.50ea (expired 7/31)

4 4pk of Marcal Toilet Paper, on sale for $1.00ea, used $1.00/1 ANY Marcal, so free (expired 7/31) I had more coupons, but these say "One per person" so I asked and she said I could use one per transaction

4 Splenda Essentials on sale for $3.49ea, used $3.00/1 from today's papers, so $0.49 for 80 packets of Splenda. The coupons did not scan and said item not found, but they were definitely right, and the cashier overrode them

2 Wishbone Salad Dressings on sale for $2.00ea, used $1.25/2 from today's paper, so $2.75/2

1 Fresh Express salad for FREE because I bought 2 Wishbone

2 Skippy Peanut Butter on sale for $2.00ea, use $1.00/2 from today's paper, so $3.00/2

1 loaf of Weis Bread for FREE because I bought 2 Skippy

1 McCormick seasoning packet on clearance for $0.84

I am excited I won't have to buy aluminum foil for months! Probably almost a year! 

Weis 7/31-8/6

Some hot deals this week!

Buy 80 pk of Splenda Essentials @$3.49
Use $3.00/1 from 7/31SS
Pay $0.49

Buy 2 Skippy Peanut Butter @ $2.00ea, get free loaf of Weis bread
Use $1.00/2 from 7/31RP
Pay $3.00 for 2 Peanut Butter and 1 loaf of bread (This PB is 2/$3.00 at Shurfine with an instant savings deal on Unilever products wyb $20 and is 2/$4.00 at Giant and on buy 8, get $0.20 off each gallon of gas)

Buy 2 Wishbone Dressings @$2.00ea, get a free Fresh Express Garden Salad
Use $1.25/2 from 7/31RP
Pay $2.75 for 2 Dressings and 1 Salad

Buy 2 Krunchers Chips BOGO @$3.79
Use 2 $1.00/1 from 6/26SS
Pay $1.79/2

Also at the Springwood Rd Store Only:

Buy 5lb of Domino's Sugar at $1.99
Use $0.50/1 from 6/26RP (doubles to $1.00)
Pay $0.99
limit 2

Buy Hormel Kids Compleats @ $0.99
Use $1.00/1 from Hormel website (Will print twice) http://www.hormel.com/updates/coupons/
(I haven't tried this, but the Cape Horn store has the Kids ones marked as being on the $1.49 sale that is going on at all other Weis)
limit 6

Buy 2 20ct Pepsi @$3.99ea
Use $1.00/1 found on some 12pks at Rutters
Pay $2.99 for 20-12oz cans

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Breyers Blasts Ice Cream

Conflicting reports on price, but Breyers Blasts will be either $2.50 or $3.00 starting tomorrow. There is a $0.75/1 coupon you can print HERE. Use zip 19606. This will double to $1.50 and the ice cream will cost you either $1.00 or $1.50 depending on the price! Regular Breyers Ice Cream will be part of the buy 8, save $0.20 each gallon of gas. Check the tag at your store to see if the Blasts are included.

Hot Printable Coupons to be used on Giant Gas Rewards starting July 31st!

Update: DONT PRINT THESE YET! They print with an expiration date of today! YIKES! Hopefully they get this fixed! 

First up are these coupons for Knorr's Pasta/Rice sides.  There is a $0.75 off 3, $1.35 off 5 and $1.85 off 7. It will just let you print one of each. 


These are on gas rewards starting tomorrow at Giant. Buy 8, save $0.20 off each gallon of gas. The price on each will be $1.00.

Print all 3 and your scenario goes like this:

Buy 16 Pasta/Rice sides for $16.00
Use $0.75/3 (doubles to $1.50)
Use $1.35/5
Use $1.85/7
Pay $11.30
Earn $0.40 off gas ($12.00 value)
$0.70 each

Or Buy 8 Pasta/Rice sides for $8.00
Use $0.75/3 (doubles to $1.50)
Use $1.35/5
Pay $5.15
Earn $0.20 off gas ($6.00 value)
$0.64 each

Friday, July 15, 2011

Coupon Preview for Sunday, July 17

There is just one insert this week, a SmartSource one. Here is the listing of the expected coupons. Remember that values and coupons will vary by paper. 
(/X) after coupon = expiration date
() before coupon = multiple of same coupon
ETS = excludes trial sizes
DND5 = coupon states Do Not Double, but barcode starts w/a 5
Smartsource coupon insert:
Benefiber $1/1 (9/10)
Benefiber $2/1 stick pack (9/10)
Betty Crocker $.50/2 fruit shapes, Fruit by the Foot, Gushers (9/10)
Bufferin $1/1 130ct (10/31)
Cheerios $1/2 many listed (8/27)
Clairol $1/1 hair color (8/31)
Clairol $5/2 hair color (8/31)
Cocoa Puffs $.75/1 Brownie Crunch (8/27)
Comet $.35/1 spray or soft scrub cleanser (9/30)
Cottonelle $.75/1 bathroom tissue 12 pack+ or .75/2 4 packs (8/28)
Cottonelle $.75/2 flushable moist wipes ETS (8/28)
Excedrin $.75/1 20 ct (9/3)
Excedrin $1.50/1 80 ct+ (9/3)
Fiber One $.40/1 chewy bars, 90 calorie chewy bars, or 90 calorie brownies (9/10)
Fiber One $.50/1 cereal many listed (8/27)
Fiber One $.75/1 90 calorie brownies (9/10)
Gas-X $1/1 (9/10)
Gas-x $1/1 prevention (9/10)
GenTeal $1.50/1 (11/30)
Hamburger Helper $.75/3 tuna helper or chicken helper home cooked skillet meals (9/10)
Huggies $.50/1 baby wipes 64ct+ (8/13)
Huggies $1.50/1 diapers (8/13)
Huggies $3/1 diapers 60ct+ (8/13)
Keri $2/1 lotion (10/31)
Kleenex $.50/3 boxes 50ct+ or 1 bundle pack (8/14)
Kleenex $.75/1 hand towels ETS (9/11)
Maalox $1/1 advanced (10/15)
Maalox $2.50/2 advanced (10/15)
Nature Valley $.75/2 6ct+ granola bars (excludes granola thins) (9/10)
NoDOz $1/1 36ct+ (10/31)
Noxzema $.75/1 facial product (10/31)
Nylabone $1.50/1 edible chew or treat (8/26)
Nylabone $1.50/1 non-edible chew (8/26)
Prevacid 24HR $3/1 (8/13)
Prevacid 24HR $7/2 42ct (8/13)
Pull-Ups $1/1 training pants jumbo pack+ (8/13)
Purina $1/1 4lb+ bag of Puppy Chow, Dog Chow, Active Senior 7+, Little Bites, Healthy Morsels, Fit & Trim (8/14)
Raid Max $1/1 Bug Barrier refill (9/10)
Raid Max $3/1 Bug Barrier starter (9/10)
Sani-Hands $.50/1 instant hand sanitizing wipes (10/31)
Sani-Surface $.75/1 household disinfecting wipes (10/31)
Schick $1/1 disposable razor package (8/28)
Starbucks $1.50/1 VIA iced coffee 6ct (9/4)
Starbucks $3/2 11oz, 12oz or 20oz packaged coffee (9/4)
Tazo $1/1 filterbag tea or latte concentrate (9/4)
Tazo $1/4 bottles of tea (9/4)
Tide/Gain $2/1 powder detergent (8/31)
Total $.50/1 Whole Grain, Raisin Bran, Cranberry Crunch, Cinnamon Crunch, Plus Omega-3s Honey Almond Flax (8/27)
VIVA $.60/1 big rolls (8/28)
Wheaties $.75/1 regular or Fuel (8/27)
Wilkinson Sword $2/1 triple blade razor (9/30)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Working my way to a free $10 gas card at CVS

CVS is running this deal every week this summer. Buy $30 of special stuff, get a $10.00 gift card to Exxon or Shell to use on gas. I haven't done it yet as most of the items are things we don't use or that I don't have coupons for.

This week, all has changed. The Magic Red Coupon machine is giving out $2.00 off Starburst or Skittles store coupons. They are on sale for $2.50 and part of the gas card deal. So I am paying $0.50 a bag and getting $2.50 on credit toward the gas card. I have got a coupon each day this week and hope it continues through Saturday. If so, I will have 7 bags of candy I paid a total of $3.50 for, but earned $17.50 towards the $30 needed for the card. Also, bounty paper towels are part of it, selling at $5.99 and I used the $5.00 off they mailed me from the facebook promotion.

As it sits now, I will have $23.49 toward the gas credit that only coat me $4.49 to get. I will need another $6.51. Even if I bought stuff in the gas promotion I don't have coupons for, I will pay $11.00 and earn a $10 gas card. Score! Go scan and get your $0.50 candy today. They are the big bags!

Friday, July 1, 2011

CVS Notes and Deals

Extra Care bucks on Spring Spending started to print today! There are 3 ways to get yours. Go online and log into your account and print them, OR go scan your card at the Magic Red Coupon Machine in store  which will print them OR buy something and they will print on your receipt. You get 2% back of what you spent...it must include coupons because I rarely walk out of there paying more than $1.00 after coupons and ECB, and I got $2.50 back today on $134.xx. I didn't spend an actual $134 there! My receipt also says I've saved over $400 there this year! WOW! 

Also, the Magic Red Coupon Machine just may give you a store coupon for $2.00/2 Pantene products.  Also, there is a $3.00/2 Pantene from the 6/19 SS. CVS allows you to combine or "stack" store coupons with manufacturer coupons.  Pantene is on sale for $6.97/2 with $2.00ECB back on two. Use both coupons, pay $1.97 for 2, and get back $2.00ECB. FREE!!! 

I went today and got 2 Pantene, using the above coupons and also a store coupon for $1.00/1 Twizzlers. The Twizzlers are on sale for $2.00 each. There is a coupon from last week for $0.50/1. I didn't have my binder in the store with me, and I have ECB expiring in the next few days. I used a $3.00ECB, which had to be adjusted down to $2.97. So I walked out for free and with a new $2.00ECB from the Pantene! 

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Coupons this Sunday 7/3?

Breaking the usual pattern of no coupons on a holiday weekend, this Sunday the new P&G Brandsaver will be in the paper. There will be no other inserts. 

Here are the expected coupons: The coupon values will vary for us, as usual. Expect $1.00/2 instead of the $0.50/1. 

P&G Insert Coupons(All Coupons Expire 7/31)
ETS means excludes trial sizes

Always $.50/1 Pads, Clean or Feminine Cleansing Cloths
Always $.50/1 Pantiliner 30ct+
Always $1/1 Infinity 14ct+
Bounce $.50/1 dryer bar
Bounce/Downy $.35/1 sheets
Bounty $.25/1 napkins
Bounty $.25/1 towels or napkins
Cascade $1/1
Cascade $1/1 rinse aid
Charmin $.25/1
Clairol $1/1 hair color
Clairol $3/1 Nice ‘n Easy color blend foam or Perfect 10 hair color
Covergirl $1/1
Covergirl $2.50/2
Crest $.75/1 4oz+ toothpaste
Crest $.75/1 rinse 440mL+
Crest $5/1 3D White Advanced Vivid, Stain Shield, or Gentle Routine Whitestrips
Crest $7/1 3D White Professional Effects or 2 Hour Express Whitestrips
Downy $1/1 liquid fabric softener
Duracell $.50/1 Coppertop, Ultra Advanced, Ultra Photo Lithium or specialty batteries
Duracell $1.50/1 rechargeable batteries or charger or 6-pack+ hearing aid batteries
Febreze $.50/1 air effects
Febreze $.50/1 Set & Refresh
Febreze Buy one fabric refresher, get one air effects free up to $3.29
Febreze Buy one NOTICEables refill, get one NOTICEables warmer free up to $3.29
Gillette $1/1 body wash
Gillette $2/1 deodorant ETS
Gillette $2/1 Mach3 disposable 3ct, Sensor3 4ct or Custom Plus3 4ct
Gillette $2/1 manual or power Fusion ProGlide razor
Gillette $3/1 Mach3 cartridge
Gillette $3/1 Mach3 disposable 6ct, Sensor3 8ct or Custom Plus3 8ct
Gillette $4/1 Fusion cartridge including ProGlide 4ct+
Head & Shoulders B1G1 free shampoo or conditioner up to $12.99 ETS
Herbal Essences/Aussie $3 off styler when you purchase any product ETS
Ivory $.50/1 bar or bodywash or Safeguard bar or liquid handsoap
Metamucil $1/1
Olay $1/2 bars, body washes, in-shower body lotions or hand & body lotions ETS
Olay $3/1 Pro-X, Regenerist or Total Effects facial moisturizer or facial cleanser ETS
Old Spice $1/2
Old Spice Buy one Fresh Collection or Red Zone product, get one body spray free up to $5.39
Oral-B $.75/1 floss or floss picks 30ct+
Oral-B $2/1 Pulsar, CrossAction, Advantage, or 2 Indicator or Cavity Defense manual toothbrushes
Pampers $1.50/1 limited edition prints diapers or splashers swim pants
Pampers $1.50/2 bags or 1 box of diapers or pants
Pantene $1/2 ETS
Pepto $.50/1
Secret $1/2 ETS
Tampax $.50/1 18ct+
Tampax $1/1 Pearl or Compak Pearl 18ct+
Tide $.35/1 Tide To Go
Tide $.50/1 detergent
Tide $.50/1 washing machine cleaner
Tide $1.50/1 Stain Release 26-50oz powder, 15-34ct duo pac or 36-68oz liquid
Tide $.50/1 stain release
Venus $2/1 razor or disposables razor
Venus $2/1 refill

Thanks Sunday Coupon Preview!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Rite Aid Video Values

New coupons are up today! Watch short ads on your computer and get store coupons towards the items.Rite Aid Video Values Usually, the items will go on sale sometime this month. They can be used in addition to a manufacturer coupon! 

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Don't forget! Giant gas rewards expire today! Make sure to use them before 10pm!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Coupon Doublers at Giant next week?

I wish I could confirm, but it is a maybe. I don't know anyone with an early York County ad for next week. Either there will be dollar doubler (limit of 4 per transaction, will make a $1.00 manufacturer coupons into $2.00 off) or a $0.30 off gas when you spend $50. There are reports going around about both....can't wait to see what we get! 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

CVS week of 6/19-6/25

Here are the best deals:

Buy Hershey's Bliss @$5.99
Use $1.00/1 off from 5/1 SS
Pay $4.99
Get back $5.99ECB
Limit 1

Buy 2 Powerbar Triple Threat energy bars @$2.49ea
Use B1G1Free from 5/1 SS
Pay $2.49/2
Get back $2.49ECB
Limit 1

Buy Irish Spring Body Wash @$2.99
Use $1.00/1 from CVS Reinventing Beauty Mag ($0.99 charge for magazine)
Pay $1.99
Get back $2.00ECB
Limit 1

Buy LA Looks gel @$2.99
Use $1.00/1 from 5/15 SS
Pay $1.99
Get back $2.00ECB
Limit 1

Buy GUM PerioBalance Lozenges @$15.99
Pay $15.99
Get back $15.99 ECB
Limit 1

Buy Colgate Total Gum Defense, Advance or Enamel Strength (4 oz.), Max (6 oz.) or 360 Surround Toothbrush @$2.59
Use $1.00/1 360 Toothbrush from ALL YOU-May
Use $1.00/1 360 Toothbrush from ALL YOU-July
Use $1.00/1 Colgate Toothpastes 6/5 SS
Use $1.00/1 Colgate Advanced Toothpaste, from 6/12 SS
Use $1.00/1 Colgate Total Gum Defense, from CVS Reinventing Beauty Mag
Pay $1.59
Get Back $2.00ECB
Limit 2

Buy 2 Schick Hydro 3 Razors @$8.99 or 2 Schick Hydro 5 Razors @$9.99
Use 2 $4.00/1 from 6/12 SS *CVS lets you use a coupon on the free item in a BOGO
Pay $0.99/2 Hydro 3 or $1.99/2 Hydro 5

Buy 2 Pantene Shampoo/Conditioner/Styler @$6.97/2
Use $3.00/2 from 6/19 SS (expected value)
Pay $3.97/2
Get Back $2.00ECB

Buy Renpure Shampoo/Conditioner @$4.99
Pay $4.99
Get Back $3.00ECB
Limit 1

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Make $5 on CVS! Last day

CVS has the 5 ct of Zyrtec for $5.99, with a $5.99 ECB back. Limit 1. Here is a coupon for $5.00 off the 5 ct. http://see.walmart.com/zyrtec (sorry can't make a link on the mobile site.) Use the coupon, pay $0.99, get $5.99 back. You just made $5.00! I just did this and it worked. The one on Queen Street had plenty left.

Friday, June 17, 2011

6/19 Red Plum Coupon Preview

Here are the expected coupons. There are always regional differences, so some might not make our paper, but there could be a regional not listed here. Also, the values can differ.

RedPlum Coupon Insert:
Benadryl topical product Save $2.00/1 (12/31/12)
Bengay product no trial Save $3.00/1 (9/30)
Brusher by Garnier Save $1.00/1 (9/19)
Caladryl product Save $1.00/1 (12/31)
cesar treats Save $1.00/1 (7/31)
Centrum Silver Women’s Centrum Silver Men’s Centrum Men’s Centrum Women’s 200 ct or more Save $4.00/1 (8/28)
Centrum Silver Women’s,. Centrum Silver Men’s, Centrum Men’s, Centrum Women’s Save $2.00/1 (8/28) ETS
Cooking Light magazine Save $.50/1 (9/23)
Cortaid poison Ivy removal scrub Save $1.00/1 (12/31/12)
Emerald Nuts Product 5oz or larger Save $1.50/2 (7/31) DND5
Garnier Cleanser or Moisturizer Save $1.00/1 (9/19)
Health magazine Save $.50/1 (9/23)
InStyle Magazine July issue Save $1.00/1 (7/15)
InStyle magazine August issue Save $.75/1 (8/19)
I-Cook for menopause or I-cool +D for menopause + bone building Save $2.00/1 (8/31)
L’Oreal standard size 11oz Elnett hairspray, no 2.2oz trial size Save $3.00/1 (8/14)
L’Oreal Ever Sleek, Ever Pure, Ever Strong shampoo or conditioner Save $1.00/1 (8/14)
L’Oreal Ever Sleek, Ever Pure, Ever Strong treatment Save $1.00/1 (8/14)
L’Oreal Healthy look creme floss color Save $2.00/1 (8/14)
L’Oreal Kids shampoo or other kids products Save $.75/1 (8/14)
L’Oreal lash boosting serum or power system Save $2.00/1 (8/14)
L’Oreal Paris eye cosmetic item Save $1.00/1 (8/14)
M&M’s brand pretzel chocolate candies 9.9oz or larger bag Save $1.00/1 (7/31)
Mach3 disposable, Sensor 3 disposable or Custom plus 3 disposable Buy One get One Gillette series shave prep Free up to Save $2.50 (7/31)
Meow Mix Market Select single cat food cups on One variety pack Save $1.00/4 (8/13)
Meow Mix dry cat food 3.15 lb or larger Save $1.00/1 (8/13)
Pedigree canned food for dogs 13.2oz or 22oz Buy One get One FREE to to Save $1.19 (7/31)
Pop Secret product Save $1.00/2 (7/31) DND5
Quaker Life cereal boxes Save $1.00/2 (8/31)
Real Simple magazine Save $1.00/1 (9/16)
Scotties facial tissue 5 boxes or 2 multipacks Save $1.00 (7/18)
Venus refillable razor or Venus disables 2 ct, 3 ct or 6 ct Simply Venus 4 dt Daisy 4 ct or 8 ct or Daisy 10 ct, 12 ct or 18 ct Save $2.00/1 (7/31)
Venus Refill Save $2.00/1 (7/31)
Buy One Venus disposable and get One Satin care shave prep Free up to Save $2.50 (7/31)
Buy Two Zatarain’s rice mixes save Save $1.00 on Hillshire Farm Smoked Sausages (9/4)

6/19 SmartSource Coupon Preview

Here are the expected coupons. There are always regional differences, so some might not make our paper, but there could be a regional not listed here. Also, the values can differ. 

(/X) after coupon = expiration date
() before coupon = multiple of same coupon
ETS = excludes trial sizes
DND5 = coupon states Do Not Double, but barcode starts w/a 5

Smartsource coupon insert:
Breakstone’s any new zesty blends sour cream Save $1/1 (7/31)
Curad any product Save $0.50/1 (9/19)
General Mills any cereals Save $1/2 (7/30)
Green Mountain Coffee any variety in a 10- or 12-oz bag Save $1.50/1 (7/31)
Jell-O any refrigerated snacks $0.35/1 (7/19)
K-cup any boxes of select brands portion cups Save $2/2 (7/31)
Kraft Dressing any 14oz or larger bottles Save $1/2 (7/17)
Kraft Mayo or Miracle Whip any 22oz or larger Save $0.75/1 (7/17)
Mayfield dairy ice cream & Broughton dairy milk Save $1.50 wyb both (8/31)
Nasbisco any cookies or crackers 3.7oz – 25.2oz Save $1/2 (7/30) DND, DNT
OFF! any deep woods personal insect repellant Save $0.75/1 (8/13)
OFF! any personal insect repellant$0.55/1 (8/13)

Oscar Mayer any packages of hot dogs Save $1/2 (8/14)
Playtex any gentle glide tampons 18ct or larger Save $2.50/2 (8/13)
Scott towels or bathroom tissues redeemable at dollar general Save $1/1 (7/17) ETS
Yoplait Original or Light Yogurt 4pk any flavor Save $0.50/1 (8/13)
Yoplait any multipack (fiber one, yoplus, delights, yoplait light or original 4pk, yoplait greek 4pk) Save $0.50/1 (8/13)
Yoplait any flavor yogurt of: gogurt, kids cup, trix multipack, splitz Save $0.75/2 (8/13)