Thursday, November 3, 2011


Maybe you have heard about e-coupons, thought they sounded great and then realized that your local store doesn't offer them. Shurfine does, Giant does in some markets (not in ours that I've ever seen) and Weis does not. E-coupons are coupons you load to your loyalty card online and then the savings come off at the register.

SavingStar is an e-coupon service that anyone can use. They offer e-coupons that you activate online or by mobile app. But they do not come off at the register. Instead, they post to your SavingStar account 7-30 days later. Once you have $5.00 in your account, you can request the money deposited to your bank account, to your paypal account or in the form of an gift card.

Go to
SavingStar and register. Add your loyalty card numbers and then activate the e-coupons you want. Then buy the items and watch your account grow! The best part is that they can be stacked with manufacturer's coupons. Locally, CVS, Rite Aid, Weis, Giant and Shurfine are all participating.

Note: The coupons are one time use, so even if you buy multiples of the item, you will only get the savings once.

I love their mobile app because it alerts me when there are new coupons available. I activate them all so I don't miss out on anything!

It's a very easy way to add to your savings!

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