Disclosure Policy

savingtoaT is a personal blog owned, written and edited by me. For questions or comments about this blog, please contact Teresa Barry at savingtoat@gmail.com.

I am an affiliate for some of the products or links I provide to my readers. This means I get revenue or other perks from a company or a third party company by my readers clicking on a link or signing up for an offer. I also allow paid advertising. This is not a lucrative business, but I do try to get in these paid links whenever they are relevant or when I am asked to write about something.

I will NOT write about or offer a product which I personally would not sign up for or recommend using. All opinions expressed in this blog are my true and honest opinions and they are NOT influenced by any payment I might recieve.

Also, savingtoaT only promotes ethical couponing. This means following the policies of store and the restrictions on the coupons. I will not promote going against posted store limits on items, coupons and/or the number of rewards cards allowed per person/household. Also, I will never promote misusing a coupon.

If you have any questions at all about anything on this blog, please contact me.