Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Working my way to a free $10 gas card at CVS

CVS is running this deal every week this summer. Buy $30 of special stuff, get a $10.00 gift card to Exxon or Shell to use on gas. I haven't done it yet as most of the items are things we don't use or that I don't have coupons for.

This week, all has changed. The Magic Red Coupon machine is giving out $2.00 off Starburst or Skittles store coupons. They are on sale for $2.50 and part of the gas card deal. So I am paying $0.50 a bag and getting $2.50 on credit toward the gas card. I have got a coupon each day this week and hope it continues through Saturday. If so, I will have 7 bags of candy I paid a total of $3.50 for, but earned $17.50 towards the $30 needed for the card. Also, bounty paper towels are part of it, selling at $5.99 and I used the $5.00 off they mailed me from the facebook promotion.

As it sits now, I will have $23.49 toward the gas credit that only coat me $4.49 to get. I will need another $6.51. Even if I bought stuff in the gas promotion I don't have coupons for, I will pay $11.00 and earn a $10 gas card. Score! Go scan and get your $0.50 candy today. They are the big bags!

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