Friday, September 16, 2011

Coupon Books found this week!

It's been a great week for finding coupon books at the store! 

First, I found this Diet Coke coupon book at Giant in a cardboard display with Diet Coke cans on it. 

This was also at Giant, on an endcap display of General Mills products. Full of GM coupons! 

This was also at Giant. It is the Kraft book they were giving for donation last week. The store in Red Lion had them laying out on the School Rewards table for the taking! 

At Weis, I found this SC Johnson book full of cleaning supplies coupons! It was on a cardboard display in the cleaning aisle. 


Also at Weis, I found this on the Hanover Pretzels cardboard display. It has coupon for Hanover products, but also other products like New York frozen bread and Rosina meatballs! 


  1. Score! I'll have to roam around looking for these when I go to the store later. :)

  2. Weis has the GM ones now too. The only difference is the values. The ones at Giant are $1.10 off and the ones at Weis are $1.00 off. Hope you are able to find some!