Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cheap deals this week!

I know these end tomorrow, but they are worth going out for if you have the time.

Giant is running instant savings deals this week since the Gas Rewards cycle ends tomorrow. So make sure to use any you may have earned!

One of the instant savings deals is if you buy 10 of certain Kraft/Nabisco products, you get $3 off instantly. The best deal here is to buy 10 of the Nabisco Go Packs. They are little cookies and crackers in bucket type containers with a yellow lid. If you buy 10 of these, you will pay $7. BUT, there was a $1.00/2 ANY Nabisco cookies or crackers coupon in the 8/7 SS. These work on these packs, no beeps. So for 10, you end up paying $2.00 (if you have 5 coupons)

Weis has Edy's Ice Cream with an instant savings deal. The 48oz size is on sale for $3. If you spend $12, you get $3.00 off instantly. But here is where Weis always going by the shelf price makes this an awesome deal! The non sale price on these are $6.99. Buy 2, pay $6.00, get the $3.00 instant savings off, and you pay $1.50 each. There was also a coupon in the 6/12 RP for $1.00/2 of these, so if you have that coupons, they come out to be $1.00 each! YAY for cheap ice cream!

Also, Shurfine has Totino's Pizza Rolls for 3/$4, but when you buy 3, you get 1 free. So they come out to a $1.00 each. There were coupons in the General Mills insert on 8/7 on these. The York paper had $1.00/2. Buy 4, use 2 coupons and you end up paying $2, or $0.50 each. Other papers, like the Baltimore Sun, had $0.35/1, so the coupon doubles to $0.70/1, and you pay $0.30 each!

These all end Saturday, August 20th.

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