Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cheap Sunscreen at Weis!

Another post about the buy $25, get $10 off your next order! This is amazing this week!

Remember, Weis goes by pre-sale prices to figure the $25 you spend.

This week, Banana Boat and Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen is $2 off at Weis. You might be able to find better sale prices elsewhere, but with this get $10 off coupon going, Weis is the place to do this.

I got 3 bottles of Banana Boat sunscreen. The shelf prices were $9.49, $8.99, and $8.29. This is a total of $26.77 before discounts. Then, $6 came off for the sale (3 x $2) and then I had a $1.00 off any Banana Boat product coupon for each. A total of $9 in discounts, and my total was $18.77 plus tax.

But remember, I already had a $10 off my next order coupon. I used that and because of the way PA taxes post coupon prices, I paid $8.42 for 3 bottles of Sunscreen. And, another coupon for $10 off my next order.

Then, because I didn't think 3 bottles of sunscreen would be enough for us for the summer, I bought some more.

I got 2 more bottles of Banana Boat sunscreen and a box of Playtex tampons. I will never have to run out and buy these in an emergency situation again! Shelf prices were $11.49, $9.49 and $5.19. This is a total of $26.17. Then $4.00 came off for the sunscreen sale (2 x $2) and another $1.20 for the Playtex sale.  I had 2 more $1.00 off any Banana Boat sunscreen coupons and one for $1.50 off the Playtex. A total of $8.70 in discounts, so my total was $17.47 plus tax.

Again, I used the $10 coupon I got on the previous transaction, and I paid $7.89. And, another coupon for $10 off my next order.

You may be thinking, "Well that's great and all, but you had all those coupons...I don't have all these coupons." On a side note, coupons are regional and for whatever reason, the York Daily Record did not have Banana Boat coupons this week, but the Baltimore Sun did. Which is why I buy both papers each week. The larger market papers will have different coupons sometimes! I also had coupons from my last 2 ALL YOU magazine. I had a total of 4 $1.00 off coupons when I walked into the store. I needed 5 to pull this off...but I had a plan!

There are peelies on some of the Banana Boat products! A peelie is a coupon that is stuck to the product on the shelf to make you want to buy it! So I got another $1.00 off coupon from there! You could go do this right now!

To summarize: I spent $16.31 on 5 bottles of sunscreen and a box of tampons, and I have $10 to spend at Weis on anything I want the next time I go!!! That is like I spent $6.31!!!


  1. mama2gracelyn5/27/2011 10:34 PM

    I did this and you'd be so proud of me! Sorry it's SO long! Thanks for telling me about the shelf price deals!
    Transaction 1 = 68% savings
    9 Edge shave gel. Shelf price 2.99 x 9 = 26.91 (2/$4 sale price) = 18.00. Used 9 $1 Edge shave gel coupons paid $9.55, got $10 oyno coupon.

    2nd transaction = 97% savings
    3 edge shave gel 2.99 shelf price, $2 sale price
    2 tampax tampons 5.19 shelf, 3.99 sale (auto printed a $2/2 mq that cashier applied towards order!) So after coupons and $10 from order #2, I paid .74 and got a $10 coupon.

    3rd & 4th transaction 98% savings each:
    5 boxes tampax tampons 3.99 x 5 = 19.95 less 5 1.50mq and $2 checkout coupon cashier applied to order = 10.45 - $10 from order 2, 3 = .45 and get a $10 coupon back

    5th transaction 84% savings:
    We needed these things too!
    playtex insulated cup (2) 4.99 shelf - 1.25 sale = 7.48
    playtex 2pk spout cup 7.99 shelf - 2.00 sale = 5.99
    Playtex cup valves (3) 2.99 shelf - 2.25 sale = 6.72
    total 20.19 used (6) $1 playtex feeding item mq and $10 from order #4 paid 4.81 and got back $10 coupon.

    6th transaction 55% savings
    My hubs and baby tagged along, so I asked him to pick out 3 Father's day cards which cost (OMG!) 7.99, 6.99 and 4.99. He found a tearpad for a free 12 pk Weis soda wyb 3 cards. Also a roll of foil, 2 hormel kids, and a 6pk of pudding and after the mq's for foil, hormel and pudding and the $10 the total was 15.77. Kozy shack pudding(cups) he got at 3.19, used .75 doubled to 1.50, but the bigger tub was on sale(Note to self...train hubs how to scope out the deal) He was really enjoying self checkout scanning the 2 orders of 5 tampons and getting change back on $1. Overall, after a un-planned 6th transaction to keep hubs and baby busy while I planned the other 5 on the fly, we did not do so shabby. Total saved 138.50 total paid 31.77 (19.97 in greeting cards that will end up in the trash) but it's a fair "waste" because it was nice of the hubs to tag along and SEE how it's done.

  2. Awesome! I didn't get anyone to put the printed out coupon on my orders! Jealous!
    I thought about going back and getting more stuff, but I am going to focus on using my doublers when I can get out later today.
    My dh would never buy tampons, so yours get bonus points just for that!