Thursday, May 26, 2011

Great deal at Weis!

Weis is running a deal that is on at several places this week. I like to call it the Energizer deal. But I didn't buy one single battery. So many major companies own brands that you wouldn't even think are related. This one includes Playtex, Schick, Edge, Wet Ones and Hawaiian Tropic/Banana Boat.

For this deal, you need to spend $25 on certain Energizer products, and you get a coupon at Checkout for $10 to use on your next order (OYNO). These are commonly referred to as CAT's as in Catalina, the owner of the coupon machines. The $10 can be used on most anything in the store as a form of payment on your next shopping trip! (not milk in PA, not cigs/alcohol, but most anything!)

Now you may say, I don't want to spend $25 on stuff and only get $10 back. That's an OK deal, but where is the big savings in that?

Weis is the best place around to do any of these buy $XX get $XX back deals. Because usually when these deals are running, the items are on sale and there are coupons in the Sunday paper at the start of the deal that go along with the items on sale. You are now thinking it would be even harder to reach $25 then, right?  Hmm...not at Weis! They go by the shelf price...the much higher, NON SALE price! You only need to have a $25 total before your Savings Card, and before your coupons! Now the fun...(and Math)...begins!

Today, I went into Weis armed with some rough math and a envelope of coupons. All just regular coupons from the Sunday paper, and almost all of them from just this past Sunday. Ok, so I buy 4-5 papers a week...BUT I make that money back and more on my Sunday morning drug store run!

This is what I got:

Final Price is $9.87 plus tax= $10.40

And the best part, at the very, very end after I paid, out prints the $10 coupon! Just like I knew it would! Success! And also another coupon on the Playtex and a 20% off anything at Payless. Guess where I was at just BEFORE I was at Weis??? Yeah, I had to get the boy a pair of shoes. But the other boy will need a pair too, so this is another $3-4 of savings based on the shoe prices there!

Then, when I got back out to my car, I said to myself, I have the coupons to do this again, and make it an even sweeter deal, because this time instead of paying $10 of my own money, I will have $10 in money from the store to spend on it!

So, this was a little different, but with the coupons I had, it looked like this:

My children misplaced my receipt, and I suck at figuring tax, but I used the $10 coupon I got from the first transaction, and walked out with 2 boxes of tampons and 5 bottles of shave gel for under $2! Plus, I got another $10 coupon!

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