Friday, January 20, 2012

ShopRite Cans for Fans program!

In 2011, ShopRite donated 40,000 cans of food to local food banks in commemoration of 40 years of Can Can savings by way of its famous, annual Can Can Sale. Now in its 41st year, the Can Can Sale has become extra special with the “Cans for Fans” Facebook program, which enables fans to get involved in the fight against hunger. During the 2012 Can Can Sale (1/5 – 1/21), ShopRite will donate one can of food (up to 50,000 cans) to local food banks in the communities it serves, on behalf of every new ShopRite Facebook fan.

By liking ShopRite on Facebook, you can add another can of food to their total! It only takes a minute to do, and you will be helping someone in need! 

Also, for some added fun, you can visit the official Can Can page and upload a photo of yourself onto an animated Can Can dancer! 

The information in this post was provided to me by ShopRite through MyBlogSpark. 

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