Wednesday, February 29, 2012

CVS Test Area Ad--Check to see if you are getting this ad!

**Update: The test area markets will have a mid week ad that starts on Wednesday, March 7th. It is 4 pages and has some of the ECB deals from the main ad and also has a cash card deal. You can find my post about it with a link to the ad scan HERE!

There have been rumors that some areas would be in a Test Area next week and would not have all the ECB rewards as other areas. It can now be confirmed that there are 2 very different ads as CVS has put up the first page of the ad here.

To check your area go to this link and make sure your location is correct. Then click the "View Upcoming Ad" tab, and then click on "View in HTML" Only the first page of the ad is available right now but this is enough to tell whether you are in the test market or not. If your ad background is WHITE and has Pepsi for $2.99, this is the test market ad. If your ad background is RED and has the wording "See What's Free," you have the regular ad.

Locally, it looks like we are to have a regular ad next week! If you are interested in seeing the test ad, use zip 06002 to search. If you want to see the regular ad, use zip 17402.

I will put up matchups tomorrow for the regular ad.

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