Sunday, February 19, 2012

Drug Store Trips 2/19

Decided to hit all 3 drug stores this week to get the deals! Sorry no pictures because I put everything away when I got home! 

Total Drug Store Trip: I brought home $73.99 worth of stuff (and those are the sale prices). I spent $16.06. I now have $26 in store rewards. 


I went in with $4.00ECB from last week

Store #1

1 Coldcalm @$6.99
3 Eclipse Gum @$1.00each

$4.00ECB from last week
1 BOGO Eclipse Gum from tearpad

Paid $4.99

Got Back $6.99ECB from Coldcalm, $2.00ECB from Eclipse and $1.00ECB from my Green Bag Tag 

Store #2
4 Nivea Lip Balms @$2.50each
6 Luden's Cough Drops @$1.67each

2 $3.00/2 Nivea Lip
3 $1.00/2 Ludens
$4/$20 from email
$6.99ECB from store#1

Paid $0.07

Got Back $3.00ECB from Nivea, $6.00ECB from Luden's
Total: Paid $5.07, now have $12.00ECB

Rite Aid:

I went in with $0UP

Transaction #1

Brainstrong Toddler @$13.00

Used $2.00/1 IP

Paid $11.00

Got Back $13.00UP

Transaction #2

4 Colgate Toothpaste @$3.50each
2 Newspapers @$1.50each

Used 4 $1.00/1 Colgate
$13UP from Transaction #1

Total: $0.00!

Got Back 4 $3.50UP= $14.00UP

So I spent $11.00 and now have $14UP. There are some great deals for next week though, so I shouldn't have to put any money out! 


2 Tylenol Precise @5.00each
4 Chapstick @0.99each

2 $5.00/1 Tylenol Precise 2/19 RP
1 $1.00/1 Chapstick Walgreens Store Coupon

Total: $0.00
Note: The Chapstick sale was last week's and the Precise is the current sale. I went at midnight, not knowing if the Chapstick would still work. 

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