Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Ziploc coupon and Catalina!

Ziploc bags are currently printing a coupon OYNO! When you buy 4, you will get $2.00 back. This deal is working at Giant and Weis.

There is a new coupon out for $0.60 or $0.70 off 1 box of Ziploc bags! When you watch a short video, you get the $0.10 bump in value! 

*Update: It seems this coupon is limited to 1 per computer. You can also find a $0.60/1 coupon on Target's site which is a manufacturer coupon. You can find   this coupon HERE. Sort by Household. 

Most coupons on Target's website are store coupons, but when you see the words "When you buy" on a coupon, those are manufacturer coupons that can be used anywhere 

There is also a $1.00/2 3/04 SS and some areas got $0.50/1 3/18 SS (not locally).

At Weis, these cost $2.39-$2.49.

Buy 4 at $2.39 = $9.56
Use 4 $0.70/1 coupons *doubled to $1.00
Pay $5.56
Get Back $2.00
Final $3.56/4 or $0.89each

If you get full doubles:
Use 4 $0.70/1 coupons *doubled to $1.40
Pay $3.96
Get Back $2.00
Final: $1.96/4 or $0.49each!

At Giant, PSA $2.19
Buy 4 @$2.19= $8.76
Use 4 $0.70/1 *first one doubled to $1.00
Pay $5.66
Get Back $2.00
Final: $3.66/4 or $0.92each

If you have full doubles, you would pay $3.26/4 or $0.82each!

With this Catalina printing, I'd bet these will go on sale before it ends on 4/14. I would print the coupons today! 

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