Sunday, April 1, 2012

Counting the Inserts 4/1

Today, in the York Daily Record, there were 3 inserts: 1 P&G, 1 SmartSource and 1 Red Plum. There is also a coupon for Stopain in the USA Weekend Magazine. We've seen this be a money maker at the drugstores, so you might want to cut it out and hold onto it. There is also a coupon on the Giant ad: Spend $50, get an additional $0.30/off each gallon of gas! If you are buying groceries there this week, be sure to use this!
The Baltimore Sun had the same 3 inserts.

There are over 200 new coupons today taking in to account the coupon and value differences between the 2 papers. There were more regional coupons that normal in both papers today.

If you are "no clip", here are your expiration dates to write on the front of the inserts:
SS- both papers- 8/31
RP- YDR 12/31
RP- BSun 7/01

The coupon spreadsheet is updated HERE!  I will be continuing to do the "Expiring this week" page on the spreadsheet so you can make sure you don't let a coupon you wanted to use expire. That page's direct link is HERE

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