Sunday, April 15, 2012

Wags Shopping Trip 4/15

I felt like I was in an alternate universe this morning at Walgreens! Something came out a better deal that I thought! It was an amazing trip!

Trans #1
1 Nasal Ease @$9.00
Used $5.00/1 3/11 RP
Paid $4.00
Got Back $9.00RR

Trans #2
5 Pepsi Next 12pk @$2.99each (I thought these were going to be $4.00, but they were still on sale! The cashier didn't think I would get the RR for them, but  it printed!)
Used $1.00/1 Pepsi Next Walgreens IVC (April Booklet) -took off $5.00
Used $9.00RR from Trans #1
Paid $1.01
Got Back $3.00RR

Trans #3
1 Nasal Ease @$9.00
2 Aquafresh Kids' Toothpaste @$2.00
1 $0.29 filler item
Used $5.00/1 Nasal Ease 3/11 RP
Used 2 $1.00/1 Aquafresh Kids 4/15 RP
Used $1.00/1 Aquafresh Walgreens IVC (April Booklet) -Took off $2.00
Used $3.00RR from Trans #2
Paid $3.64
Got Back $9.00RR

Trans 4:
5 Pepsi Next 12pk @$2.99each
Used $1.00/1 Pepsi Next Walgreen IVC (April Booklet) -Took off $5.00
Use $9.00RR from Trans #3
Paid $1.01
Got Back $3.00RR
Total Paid: $9.66 for 10! 12pk of soda, 2 Nasal Ease and 2 Aquafresh Toothpastes. Still have a $3.00RR!

If I had known the Pepsi Next was on sale ahead of time, I would have bought 3 at a time and something else to fill up the difference between the price and the $9.00RR. Like the Similasan at $6.00-$1.50/1 q. Get Back a $6.00RR. My store was out of the Pepsi Next 20oz that is FREE after RR.

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