Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cheap Ocean Spray Juice at Weis! And a trick about how their registers work...

I am going to let you in on a great little secret about how FREE or BOGO coupons work at Weis. This is based on the experiences of me and others, and it could work differently at your store. But I think it's worth a try for everyone, and there's a great new coupon to test it out on!

At Weis, when they scan a coupon where you get something for free, it takes off the *regular price and prompts the cashier to write that regular price on the coupon.

So let's say something like Ocean Spray juice is regularly $3.59 at your store, but this week it's on sale for $2.00.
And let's also say you have a great coupon for Buy 1 Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice, get one Cherry Juice FREE.

At most other stores:
Buy 2 @$2.00each= $4.00
-$2.00 (1 BOGO coupon taking off the sale price)
Pay $2.00/2 or $1.00 each! Which is an amazing deal on it's own, especially considering that they are $3.59 regular price for each!

At Weis:
Buy 2 @$2.00each =$4.00
-$3.59 (1 BOGO coupon taking off the regular price)
Pay $0.41/2 or $0.20each! WOW!

Last time this great coupon was out with this sale, I did this and paid just $0.41 for both! I can't wait to do it again! You can print the coupon HERE

Also, when you buy 2 Ocean Spray drinks, you get a FREE 4pk of Ocean Spray Sparkling this week!

Disclaimer: I can't guarantee this will work at your store. At my store, this is an automatic thing. The register takes off the regular price and tells the cashier to write that amount on the coupon.

I had a cashier desperately trying to override my free Pop Tart Mini Crisps Coupon on Sunday to the sale price, and she couldn't do it and gave up. (giggle)

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