Monday, June 25, 2012

Giant Gas Rewards Limit Update

Giant PA/Martin's has now placed a limit on how many of each Bonus Gas Rewards deal you can do.The limit is now 10 deals per category per household. So this week there is a Buy 5, a Buy 6 and a Buy 7 category. You would be able to do 10 deals in each.

There were questions about if this would be tracked. We now have the answer.

It does not show you the tracking on the receipt of how many you have purchased until you hit the 10th deal. Then it says, "Your household has reached the limit of 10 for the buy X items."

When doing the deals from now on, please check how many in each category you are purchasing. Especially since it won't tell you until you've hit it instead of keeping a running tally of how many you have purchased.

Giant has stated on Facebook that this is to help maintain stock conditions. I don't know if this will help or not. Some stores have major out-of-stock issues and other stores do not, from my experience.

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