Sunday, July 1, 2012

CVS Quarterly Spending ECBs posted today!

Today, the CVS spending rewards posted from your Spring Quarter Spending. You earn an ECB for 2% back each quarter on the amount you have spent out of pocket. They come in $0.50 increments. You also get $1.00 for every 2 prescriptions you fill.

Make sure to scan your card at the Magic Red Coupon machine to get yours, or it will print on your receipt when you buy something. The expiration date will be about 6 weeks.

Today, I got $0.50. I almost always get $0.50, but that is because even though so far this year at CVS, I have saved over $800, I have spent barely any money out of pocket! $0.50 means I spent between $25-$49 of my own money there in the last 3 months.

Also today, many people are getting a scanner q for Free Cortaid! Of course, the store was out of it by the time I made it there, but the coupon doesn't expire until 7/8, and since CVS knew they were going to be giving this coupon out to so many people, I have faith they will get more in this week.

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