Sunday, July 8, 2012

Giant Gas Rewards Shopping Trip 7/8

I was so excited to open the paper this morning and see another save $0.30 off each gallon of gas when you spend $50! This was in the York Daily Record on a special separate sheet of the Giant ad to celebrate the re-opening of the store on East Market St in York. The coupon did not specify it was only for that store though. If you live in York, buy the paper today for this coupon! You will not find it in the store!

I had already made a plan on what to buy to earn FREE gas and had my coupons with me to go when I got off work at 6am. This is a great week to work those Gas Rewards! They are giving 300 points instead of 200 on each deal! When I saw this $0.30 off gas when you spend $50 coupon, I decided to run home and add up my items quickly and make adjustments to make sure I spent $50. Remember this must be after all coupons!

You can see all of this week's Bonus Gas Rewards HERE

Here is what I purchased:
8 GIANT Canned Tomatoes @$1.05each, Buy 8 category
20 Deer Park Sparkling Water Liters@$0.88each, Buy 8 category
4 Hefty Easy Grip Cups @$2.00each, Buy 8 category
12 M&M's Sharing Size @$1.25each, Buy 5 category
5 Celeste Flatbread @$1.50each, Buy 5 category
3 GIANT Waffles @$1.67each, Buy 5 category

My total before coupons was $61.50

I used:
5 $1.00/4 Deer Park 1liters 6/03 RP
2 $1.00/2 Hefty Cups 5/13 SS
6 $0.50/2 M&M's Candy tearpad coupons (I have 2 different coupons for the same things, so 2 doubled to $1.00)
I think the cashier took off an extra one here...these coupons beep and each one had to be put in manually. 

My total was $50.00 exactly! And $1.12 of tax.

I did 8 gas deals and earned another $0.30 off from the spending coupon for a total of $2.70 off gas which is $81 when I get 30 gallons. 

Then, I went to another store and did this transaction 3 times:
1 M&M/Mars Candy Mix @$2.50, buy 5 category
4 M&M's Sharing Size @$1.25, buy 5 category

I used:
2 $0.50/2 M&M Candy tearpad coupons (again, 2 different ones so both would double to $1.00)
1 $1.00/1 M&M/Mars Candy Mix tearpad coupon I found last month at Giant

Each transaction was $4.50 after coupons and earned me 300 points, or $9.00 worth of gas when I get my full 30 gallons. (My car only holds a little over 15gallons, but I fill up 3 5gallon gas cans each time to get the full 30)

Now I have 3709 gas points, or $3.70 off each gallon of gas. So I will get a FREE fill up and then work on earning one more before the redemption period ends on 8/18. 30 gallons of gas lasts me about 3 weeks, and I just filled up for FREE on Friday! Although there are some summer trips planned, so if the deals are right, I might try to earn 2 more! I only wish I had my freezer off layaway, because I would have bought more of the Waffles and Flatbread! I only did 7 deals of the buy 5 category. so I could do 3 more! When they are sold out later in the week, I am thinking of getting a raincheck and then I can go get them after I get my freezer at the end of the month! (My Giant will write the raincheck for both the price and the gas rewards, which they will add manually once I buy them! Ask at yours if they will too!)

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