Friday, October 5, 2012

Giant PA/ Martin's Gas Rewards 10/7-10/13- Program Info!

For those shoppers in some areas, I have some bad news.

People are getting their ads for next week in the mail and in several areas, there are not the bonus Gas Rewards we are used to. There is no buy x, get $0.20 off gas. Instead, they are getting, buy this item and get 2X or 5X the gas points.

This is a lousy deal... Even with getting 5X the gas points, and buying $100 worth of those items, you would earn $0.50 off each gallon of gas instead of the normal $0.10. So for your $100, you will save $15 on gas if you fill up with the max 30 gallons.

So far, the only areas I know for sure with the regular bonus Gas Rewards are the stores in the Philadelphia and Reading markets. I will update when I get more info.

For my local readers, the ad for York came today, and it has the 2X and 5X thing. I also have a promotion: turn in 400 points for a FREE turkey. But there are no easy ways to earn 400 points...

I suggest we all call Giant and complain about this change or "test market." Their customer service number is 888-814-4268.

Update: Mechanicsburg and Waynesboro stores have regular Gas Rewards as well.

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