Monday, May 30, 2011

Coupon Organization!

The first rule of using coupons is to be organized! It won't do you any good to have a coupon on a sale item but not be able to find it!

I keep my coupons in a binder! A zipper one, just like my oldest ds uses for school! It has tons of compartments for scissors, pens and any coupon I might find while shopping! These are $10 at Walmart. 

Inside, there is a built in file! Here I put my sales flyers. I also put my receipts while I am out shopping so I don't lose them! 

I use baseball card holders to store my coupons. Each category has a page, so I can easily find what I need. If you only shop at one store, you can put the sheets in order of the aisles at your store. I put mine in an order that makes sense to me. This is my candy page.

In the front of my binder, I have store specific pages. I have a page for each of the drug stores, almost all the grocery stores and also Target, Other Department Stores, Food *lots of free strawberry lemonade at McD's in here*, and also a page for any mail-in rebates I am doing. 

I found these sheets in my craft room, unopened. I don't remember why I bought them, but they are awesome! They are open at the top and keep all these types of things separate and organized. I used labels to make sure I keep them straight! 

Here are all my CVS ECB's *Extra Care Bucks and CVS specific store coupons.

I always keep my binder either with me in the store or in the car in case I find an unadvertised special or a clearance item. Sometimes, I have to send my oldest son out to get it from the car! 

I get extra coupon inserts sometimes, and I do not cut them all. I mark the date on the front of them and file them. By using online coupon databases, I can check to see what week and which insert a coupon I need is from. Then, I pull out the complete insert and clip what I need above the amount of that coupon that is already in the binder!  

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