Sunday, May 29, 2011

Saturday Night/Sunday Morning trip 83%savings!

I hate weeks with no new coupons, but there is a bright side. If it's on sale at CVS or Walgreens starting Sunday, I can go at midnight on Sunday and buy what I already have coupons for. I don't have to wait until 5am when the newspaper comes out!

I made a little marathon shopping trip to finish up the deals from last week and start on this weeks.

Total Retail Price: $294.17
Total Paid: $51.72
83% savings!
Plus $12 in UP rewards
Plus $9 in ECB
Plus 200 bonus gas points!

Stop#1: Rite Aid

2 Bengay @$5.99ea
1 Lysol No Touch Soap Dispenser @$7.99 (regular price $15.49)
*amazing, the kids love it! I bought one earlier in the week and decided to go back for another for the downstairs bathroom*
Price before all discounts: $27.47
Sale price: $19.97
Minus 2 $2.00 in ad coupons off Bengay
Minus 1 $3.00 off Lysol No Touch Soap Dispenser q
Minus 2 $3.00 off Bengay q
Price after coupons: $6.97
Minus $2 UP
Total OOP with tax: $5.21
*out of pocket*

Got back $12 in UP for next time!

Stop#2: Giant #1

Transaction #1:

2 Lawry's Marinades @$2.00ea
2 Freschetta Pizzas @$5.00ea
2 Reddi Whip @$2.00ea
1 Shout Stain Remover @$2.00

Total Before Sale Prices: $26.95
Total Before Coupons: $20.00
Minus $1/2 off Lawry's
Minus 2 $1 off Freschetta
Minus $1/2 off Reddi Whip
Minus $0.55 off Shout *doubled to $1.10
Minus 4 $1.00 coupon doublers
Total OOP: $10.96
Plus 200 Gas Points (value $6.00)

Transaction #2:

2 Cheez-It's @$2.00ea when you buy 3
1 SpecialK Cracker Crisps @$2.00 when you buy 3
1 Everybody's Nuts @$3.99
2 Snyder's of Hanover's Pretzels @$2.50ea
1 Kunzler's Turkey Franks @$1.50

Total Before Sale Prices: $25.63
Total Before Coupons: $16.49
Minus $1/2 off Cheez-It's
Minus $0.55 off SpecialK *doubled to $1.10
Minus $1 off Everybody's Nuts
Minus $1/2 Snyder's of Hanover
Minus $1.50 off any Hot Dogs when you buy 2 Snyder's of Hanover *this was attached to the pretzels!
Minus 3 $1 coupon doublers
Total OOP: $7.89

Transaction #3:

9 Lunchables with Fruit @$2.69ea

Total Before Sale Prices: $24.21
Total Before Coupons: $15.21
Minus 9 $1.00 off Lunchables
Minus 4 $1.00 coupon doublers
Total OOP: $2.21

Stop #3: Weis

3.98lb of Chicken Breasts @$7.12
3 Hormel Kids Compleat @1.50ea
1 Brillo Pad @$2.00
2 Suddenly Salad @$1.00ea

Total Before Sale Prices: $28.42
Total Before Coupons: $15.62
Minus 3 $1.00 off Hormel Kids
Minus $0.55 off Brillo *doubled to $1.10
Minus $1/2 off Suddenly Salad
Minus $10 off your next order q from the other day
Total OOP: $0.61!
Savings of 98%

Stop 4: Giant #2

Transaction #1:

4 12pk of Coke @$2.50ea when you buy 4
2 Wacky Mac @$1.00ea
2 Jello Packs @$2.50ea

Total Before Sale Prices: $30.92
Total Before Coupons: $17.00
Minus $1/3 off Coke
Minus $1/2 off Wacky Mac
Minus 2 $1 off Jello
Minus 4 $1 coupon doublers
Total OOP: $8.54

Transaction #2

2 Nestle Crunch Bars @$0.79ea
6 Knorr's Pasta Sides @$1.00ea
2 Hungry Jack Pancake Mix @$2.39ea
1 Luigi's Italian Ice @$2.00
1 Resolve Spray N Wash @$2.00

Total Before Sales Prices: $20.38
Total Before Coupons: $16.36
Minus $0.50/2 off Nestle *doubled to $1.00
Minus 2 $1/3 off Knorr's
Minus 2 $1 off Hungry Jack
Minus $0.50 off Luigi's *doubled to $1.00
Minus $0.75 off Resolve *doubled to $1.50
Minus 4 $1 coupon doublers
Total OOP: $6.86 *should have been $4.86 but the Easy Scan machine and attendant started going crazy. She insisted on scanning my coupons for me, and she had them in a big pile, and I told her it wasn't right, but it was a lost cause.

Transaction #3:

2 Nestle Crunch Bar @$0.79ea
2 Combos @$1.39ea
1 Resolve Spray and Wash @$2.00ea
3 Jello Packs @$2.50ea
1 Luigi's Italian Ice @$2.00

Total Before Sale Prices: $19.41
Total Before Coupons: $15.86
Minus $0.50/2 off Nestle *doubled to $1.00
Minus $1/2 off Combos
Minus $0.75 off Resolve *doubled to $1.50
Minus 3 $1 off Jello
Minus $0.50 off Luigi's *double to $1.00
Minus 4 $1 coupon doublers
Total OOP: $4.36

The easy scan machine went crazy again. Kept telling me I didn't have enough spent to use the doublers. They finally figured out some of the jello must have been ringing up as a pudding instead of a gelatin. (dairy product wouldn't count toward the $15 pre coupon total)
I ended up paying $7.36, and she gave me back $3 from the register. The machine had also taken my $20 and then did nothing. I was getting pissed! Luckily, they fixed it, but I am not going to Giant at 1130 pm on the last day of a sale again. There were tons of people using coupons there, and it just kept having problems. I forced the last 2 transactions because they were sold out of what I really wanted to use my doublers on. I should have just went home and left it be!

Stop #5: Walgreen's

Even after the fiasco at Giant, I got to Walgreen's right before 12 which was my plan! This was an awesome haul and a great way to start a new week of sales!

4 Right Guard Bodywash @$4.99/2 *buy 1 get 1 free
4 Right Guard Deodorant @$4.49/2 *buy 1 get 1 free
2 Aquafresh kids toothpaste @$2.49ea
2 Ecotrin @$3.49ea
2 Got2b styling products @$5.99/2 *buy 1 get 1 free

Total Before Sales: $61.86
Total Before Coupons: $36.91
Minus 4 Buy 1 Get 1 Free Right Guard *max $4.49 *manufacturer coupon
Minus 2 $1.50 off Aquafresh *Walgreens coupon
Minus 1 $1.00 off Aquafresh kids *manufacturer coupon *should have been 2 coupons
Minus 2 $2.50 off Ecotin *Walgreens coupons
Minus 2 $1.50 off Ecotin *manufacturer coupon
Minus $2.00 off Got2B *manufacturer coupon
Minus $1.50 Register Reward from last week
Total OOP: $3.45+tax= $4.95 (I had to pay tax on the items I got free with the coupons)
She missed one of my Aquafresh coupons, but since the Ecotrin coupon I had was over the price of the item, it should have been adjusted down anyway, so the total is right either way.

Did you know if the store has a BOGO sale, and your coupon is BOGO, you get the item for free except paying tax on the one the coupon gives you for free??? Amazing way to get stuff for next to nothing!

Stop #6: CVS

I was sad my favorite cashier wasn't working. He gets so excited to see how much I save!

2 3Musketers bars @$0.50ea
2 Oral-B Indicator Toothbrushes @$1.99ea
1 Bic Soliel Refill @$6.99
2 Cortaid Cream @$4.29ea
1 A&D Ointment @$3.99

Total Before Sale Price: $28.92
Total Before Coupons: $24.54
Minus $1.50/2 off Oral-B
Minus $3 off Bic Soliel
Minus 2 $3 off Cortaid
Minus $14 in Extra Care Bucks from previous trip
Total OOP: $0.13 (of which $0.09 was tax!)
Got Back:
$1.00 ECB on Candy
$3.00 ECB on Cortaid (Anti-Itch Relief ECB)
$3.00 ECB on Bic Soliel
$2.00 ECB on Oral-B

Total of $9.00 ECB for next week! Plus I still have $3.99 ECB left from before!

Did you notice? I bought something I didn't have a coupon for! My youngest son's itchy butt cream! I had a coupon for Bordeaux butt paste, but this was cheaper without a coupon! Plus I knew my ECB would be paying for it anyway!

I don't plan to shop a lot this week. There are a few more things I might get from Walgreens, but they have Register Rewards attached to them and the system doesn't update for them to print until around 4am. Rite Aid's sales didn't excite me this week, but I might find something. There's another spend $xx get back $xx at Weis on food. I'll update that once I get a sales flyer and can figure up some scenarios. I need ground beef, fruit and cream cheese for my meal plan. I have so much other stuff to do this week, so I deserve a break! I am only going to go to Giant once this week! Promise!  


  1. mama2gracelyn5/29/2011 9:04 AM

    You did great! If I didn't HATE walgreens so much I'd consider that transaction, but they have been really nasty to me in the past over coupons.

  2. Thanks! I don't really like going there either,but with those RightGuard coupons about to expire, I couldn't let it go.
    Yeah, the tall, younger girl that works there is a piece of work! She's worked there a long time too, because I remember her hassling me over a diaper coupon, and ds5 hasn't worn them for over 2 years! She was blabbing along about how she hates coupons. Then, she corrected herself to say she hates when people are new to couponing and don't know how to use them. But then, she was all about finding out where I got my Got2B coupon... All You magazine!