Saturday, January 7, 2012

Changes to the Blog

You may have noticed I have made a renewed effort at this blog. I started this to share great deals with people I know. But the deals have dried up some and I don't have many "hard core" couponer friends.  Without feedback, I don't really flourish. But my New Year's resolution is to make this the really great savings and deals place I envisioned when I started it.

You may have noticed I added some ads to the page. I tried to put them out of the way. However, I would really appreciate that if you are going to print coupons that you would do it through the links on my blog header or the ad for the coupon site. It pays me a few cents per coupon you print. The amazon ad also pays a small percentage if you buy things. I have a ad to add to the site too. Of course, this is all optional, but I wanted to give you all a heads up as to how the ad works.

Also, I am open to suggestions and love feedback. What type of deals and things would you like to hear about? I hate to just have the same thing as everyone else.

The more consistent I get with my matchups, I hope to get more traffic here. Also, I won't copy stuff from other sites...I do these myself on my own time. I may look at other lists and early scans to see what's hot, but I type everything on my own. Using the coupons we get here in York...not those nice fluffy to double coupons they get everywhere else!

There will be consistent matchups for Giant, Weis and Shurfine in the next few weeks. Also, deals at Rite Aid and CVS that are "Freebies and Cheaps". I just wanted to give my loyal peeps a heads up on my plan.

Also, as a half joke, I started a Facebook Page about something random on December 28th. It already has as many fans as this page..mostly because it has a cute name LOL So if there is anyone else you know that enjoys deals and coupons, please share this blog or the Facebook page with them!

Thanks everyone!

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