Sunday, January 1, 2012

Cleaning out the Inserts....Jan 1 2012 edition

I don't clip coupons anymore until I'm going to use them. I keep mine as whole inserts in files that I can go to quickly and cut what I need. In order to keep this organized and efficient, instead of cutting coupons each week, I type them into a database. I find it takes less time and also helps me in the future when I need a coupon to match a sale.

Today, I am fixing my spreadsheet for the New Year, and wanted to share which of the YDR and Baltimore Sun inserts no longer have any good coupons in them and can be discarded.

I started my database on 9/25/11, so there may still be coupons in the inserts before that date that won't be included here.

These are all expired now:
9/25 SS
10/2 P&G
10/2 GM
10/2 RP (unless you are buying Purina Whisker Lickins before 1/2...that's the last coupon to expire)
10/16 P&G
10/30 P&G
11/27 P&G

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