Sunday, March 25, 2012

Food Lion: The BIG Deal is coming! March 28-April 10th!

One of my favorite promotions at Food Lion is "The BIG Deal." It will start this Wednesday. The list of participating products is at the bottom of this post. Brand names included: Pepsi, Kelloggs, P&G, Maxwell House, Kimberly Clark, Taco Bell, Kraft foods, Planters, Mio, General Mills, Pillsbury, Kingsford, Starbucks, Ritz & Tide.

How this works is you if you buy:
10 Participating products, you get $5.00 off instantly
Buy 20, get $10 off instantly
Buy 30, get $15 off instantly

So basically, it takes another $0.50 off the item price, and all the products are on sale! 

Last fall's promotion included Brawny paper towels @$1.00, so just $0.50/roll after the instant savings and then there was $1.00/2 coupon. I went 3 times and got a total of 50 rolls of paper towels for tax only! I paid $3.00 for them all! 

I will be watching this promotion closely and get a list of all the products and matchups on here as soon as I can. At latest, the complete list should be up on their website on Tuesday. 
*Update: Here is the list of the items. Nothing jumps out as being "free", but I also don't have any pricing. Matchups to come

Thanks to the Food Lion forum at WUC for the heads up on this deal! 

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