Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Giant Hershey Park Ticket Promotion 2012

The promotion this year is disappointing, to put it mildly. First all, there are no FREE tickets this year. And the amount you have to spend to get a discount is crazy! 

For the week of 6/24-6/30, when you purchase $50 in selected Kraft products, you will get a coupon for $15 off ONE ticket. This can be used in addition to the regular $11.00 discount Giant offers everyday for buying a Hershey Park ticket at the store.

Regular Price: $56.95
Everyday Giant Discount Pricing: $45.95
With this promotion: $30.95 after you spend $50 on Kraft products.

It also says you have to spend $50 after all discounts and coupons. It always has said that, and the coupon part was not true in the past. I guess we will have to wait and see this year. Personally, I will not be doing this. In order to get 4 tickets, I would have to spend $200 in Kraft products, and then another $124 for the tickets. This is not worth it to me.

Another thing I noticed is that, normally, when you buy 2 Hershey Park tickets from Giant, you get a FREE parking pass ($12 value). On their website it says these passes will have to be used by 6/30.

I will post more details as I get them. Many people are complaining on their Facebook page, which you can find HERE. They have been responding and answering questions. 

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