Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Weis Dairy Savings update!!!

The Weis instant savings on Dairy Products is not working like it had in the past. But it isn't going off of sale price either. It's very odd, and hopefully it is just a coding issue and not the new way things will be done. You can see the original post HERE.

From testing this and talking to others who have done the deal and got it to work, I have discovered  something.

You can buy $12.00 Shelf Price of Dairy Products, and you will NOT get the $3.00 instant savings UNTIL your transaction total is $12.00 (after your Weis card, but before coupons). The other items you buy can be anything in the store.

Here is an example of what I bought that worked:

2 Friendly's Ice Creams @$2.50 each ($5.99 each shelf price)
1 YoCrunch Yogurt @$0.60 ($0.89 shelf price)
4 Hot Pockets @$2.00 each

Total Before Coupons: $13.60
-$3.00 Dairy Discount
-2 $0.95/2 IP Hot Pockets *doubled to $1.90

Paid $6.80 for all!

The $3.00 dairy discount DID NOT come off until I scanned the last Hot Pocket, which took my total above $12.00. I did 4 different transactions with Ice Cream, Iced Coffee, YoCrunch and GoGurt, and it worked like this on all of them, no matter which order I scanned the items. I couldn't get the Smart Balance Milk to work at all though, even when my sale price went about $12.00. I think there is a coding issue with it. I also noticed the ad says "Lactose Free" which is the Purple Smart Balance, but the picture is of the Blue, which is Fat Free, but not Lactose Free.

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