Monday, January 9, 2012

Food Lion HOT Store Brand Savings 1/11-2/7

Just getting this info out there. There will be more details once the sale starts on Wednesday.

Food Lion is going to be running a deal where when you buy their Store Brand items, you get back a coupon (CAT) for you next shopping order worth # of store items bought x $0.25. In essence, making everything $0.25 cheaper.

So buy 4, get $1.00 back

This will make amazing deals on canned veggies, condiments and soda.

The 2 liter sodas will be $0.89, so like $0.64 after the CAT
The mustard and ketchup will be $0.88, so like $0.63 after the CAT

Again, this is just breaking and the ad isn't posted yet, but if you need to fill your pantry, this might be the sale to do it with. No coupons needed!

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