Saturday, January 14, 2012

SavingStar Contest! 6 Free Months of Groceries!

Saving Star is celebrating 1,000,000 users and giving away 6 free months of groceries to one lucky winner! ($2500 value)

SavingStar is a free e-coupon service. To use it, you just add your local Grocery and Drug Store rewards cards to your account. Then, you activate the coupons that are available. When you buy the product, you get money in your account. Once you have $5.00, you can cash out to PayPal, your bank account or an Amazon Gift Card! This is a great way to save additional money on groceries, because you can still use coupons at the store.

Also, if you have an Android or iPhone, you can download their free app and it tells you when new coupons are available to activate! I never miss any this way!

The contest ends on 1/20/12, so hurry and signup today to start saving!

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