Sunday, March 4, 2012

CVS Shopping Trip 3/04

Sometimes, the best mathematically laid plans go haywire. But I still am happy with what I did!

I went in with $13.79ECB

4 Revlon Eye Shadow Singles @$5.49 =21.96
Used 4 $1.00/1 1/29 SS *expires Today!
Used $13.79ECB
Paid: $4.17+tax=$4.42
Got Back $16.00ECB

*I really thought I still had a 20% off coupon on my account, but apparently it expired yesterday! I hate when that happens! 
I decided to buy it anyway, because that was credit toward the Beauty Club buy $50, get a $5.00ECB. I should now be at $47 toward that reward! 

7 All Detergent @$4.00ea
1 Lysol Neutra Air @$2.50
2 Diet Coke 12pk @$5.99ea
1 Colgate Max Foam @$2.50
1 Dawn Dish Detergent @$0.99
1 Gold Emblem Jelly Beans @$0.99
1 Oreo Convenience Pack @$1.50
3 Gold Emblem Tomato Paste @$0.57ea
Total: $50.17 

I was planning to get the SoftSoap Bar Soap instead of the 1 Diet Coke and the Tomato Paste. I threw these in when I realized I was missing @$7.00 in credit toward the $50 because my store does not carry this soap.

$10 off $50 that printed 2 weeks ago and expired today
7 $1.00/1 All 3/04 RP
1 $1.00/1 Neutra Air 2/05 SS *exp 3/06
2 FREE 12pk Coke from MyCokeRewards (max $4.99 off)
1 $1.00/1 Colgate 2/26 SS
1 $0.50/1 Dawn P&G Home Mailer
1 CVS Magic Red Coupon Machine Store Coupon for FREE Oreo Convenience Pack (this printed today!)
$16.00ECB from Trans#1

Paid $3.19+tax=$3.39
Got Back $0.99 ECB from Jelly Beans and $10.00CVS Cash Card! The MaxFoam monthly deal did NOT print. I am going to call customer service about it and see what's up. There were no shelf tags for this deal. 

Total OOP: $7.81
I have $0.99ECB and a $10.00 Cash Card for next time! My receipts say I saved $98.37. Not like I'd ever buy laundry detergent at $8.00 a bottle though 
Ignore my mess...this is my couponing table LOL 

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  1. You got some awesome deals and thanks for showing your trip. Here lately I have been missing out on coupons,but them not being in the paper,so that has caused my purchasing to decrease a lot.

    Also stopping by from the Alexa Drop Hop. Sorry to be late on visiting back and hope you have a great week!