Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Preview: Cheap Purex, Dial Products and Renuzit Fresh Accents at Weis 3/11-3/17

Starting Sunday, Weis will have a promotion where when you spend $15.00 on eligible Dial company products, you will save $3.00 instantly. This will make for cheap items! 

As normal, this should run off of shelf price. I have included the shelf prices from my store in RED

Here are the included products from the ad:
Purex Liquid Detergent 50oz $4.69 $2.50
$0.50/1 3/11 RP coupon expected 

Purex Ultrapacs 18ct ? $2.50 
$1.00/1 3/11 RP coupon expected

Renuzit Fresh Accents $2.39 $2.00
B1G1 3/11 RP coupon expected
$0.75/1 IP

Dial Body Wash $5.49 $3.00
$2.00/2 IP
$1.00/2 3/11 RP coupon expected

Dial Bar Soaps 3pk $2.79 $1.79
Dial Foaming Hand Wash 7.5oz $2.49 $1.79
$0.35/1 3/11 RP coupon expected *I know I usually get $1.00/2 when this is the coupon previewed

Dial Nutriskin Lotion 12oz $5.49 $3.50
$1.00/1 3/11 RP coupon expected
$1.00/1 2/19 RP *exp 3/11

Check out these scenarios:

Buy 2 Dial Body Wash =$6.00 (shelf $11.98)
Buy 1 Purex Detergent=$2.50 (shelf $4.69)
Use 1 $2.00/2 Dial Body Wash IP
Use 1 $0.50/1 Purex 3/11 RP *doubled to $1.00

-$3.00 q's
-$3.00 instant
Final: $2.50!

I am also thinking I could stack the B1G1 Renuzit with the $0.75/1 IP:
Buy 6 Renuzit= $12.00 (shelf $14.34)
Buy 1 Purex= $2.50 (shelf $4.69)
-$6.00 (3 BOGO Renuzit coupons 3/11 RP)
-$4.50 (3 $0.75/1 IP renuzit coupons *doubled to $1.50 locally)
-$1.00 (1 $0.50/1 Purex q 3/11 RP *doubled to $1.00)
-$3.00 Instant Savings
Or if you store doubles to $1.00, your total would be $1.50.

Need Laundry Detergent?:
Buy 4 Purex @$2.50 (shelf price $18.76)
Use 4 $0.50/1 Purex *doubled to $1.00

-$3.00 Instant Savings
Final: $3.00/4 Detergents or $0.75/each!

Also posted at WUC by me, sunshynet!


  1. This is the exact post that For The Mommas had listed days ago. Its sad that you dont show credit when credit is due.

  2. This is not the same exact post as on For The Mommas. Of course, we are going to post about the same deals as we both post about the same store! I write all my posts myself and credit them when I get an idea from elsewhere. I don't copy posts ever.

    I could just delete your malicious post, but I am not going to because I have nothing to hide. I will even post the link to FTM's post so others can compare and see if they are the same.

    We both posted about an amazing deal that we saw in our ads. But the posts are not the same at all, and I'm sure Shannon would agree. Thanks for playing, though ;)