Sunday, March 11, 2012

Drug Store Trips 3/11

You should know where you can find me on Sunday morning...CVS! And sometimes Rite Aid and/or Wags! 

Just CVS and Rite Aid today because I didn't need anything from Wags, and I am before payday and wanted to only spend the "money" aka ECB/Cash Card and UPs I already had. This is called "rolling." I use store rewards to pay for what gives me more store rewards with later expiration dates! 


I went in with $12.00 in ECB and $7.50 on a Cash Card.

Transaction #1:
1 5ct Zrytec @$5.99
1 PediaCare @$5.99
Total: $11.98

Used q's:
1 $3.00/1 any Zrytec found on a Zrytec display at Rite Aid earlier this week.
1 $1.00/1 any PediaCare 10/09 SS (I had to dig around for this one bc that was back when I used to clip all the inserts, but I still had it!)
-$8.00ECB (adjusted down to $7.98)
Paid: FREE
Got Back $5.99ECB for Zrytec and $5.00 for PediaCare

Transaction #2:
4 Diet Coke 12pk @$3.00
1 Cherry Coke 12pk @$3.00
Total: $15.00

Used q's:
2 $1.00/2 Diet Coke CVS IP
$10.99ECB from Transaction #1
$2.13 paid with CVS Cash Card
Paid: FREE
Got Back $5.00ECB

I now have $9.00ECB and $5.37 on my Cash Card for next week! 

Rite Aid:

There wasn't much I wanted from Rite Aid this week and I had some UPs that expired on the 17th. Decided it was a good week to pick up something for Easter baskets for FREE! 

I went in with $10.00 in UP.

8 Hot Wheels Cars @0.75ea wyb 2 =$6.00
Used $6.00UP
Paid: FREE
Got Back $2.00UP ($0.50 on each 2 cars)

I now have $6.00UP for next week. Not a lot, but next week looks really good from the previews. So I will most likely do a few transactions to roll the UPs and not have to pay much out of pocket. 

Summary: I spent $0.00 of my own money for 5 Coke 12pk, 1 Zrytec (I actually use this for my allergies and love it), 1 PediaCare (deal came just in time because little ds started coughing yesterday, and I don't stockpile most medications) and 8 Hot Wheels cars. Did you know they have a Hot Wheels car that is the Delorean from Back to the Future? The kids are going to flip about that one! I got them each one so no fighting! 

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