Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Gas Rewards Program Update ~Giant and Weis! Expiring soon!

The current cycle of GiantPA/Martin's gas rewards will end on Saturday, March 17th. There are no bonus gas rewards points this week, but you can still earn $0.10/$100 spent. Next Sunday will start a new cycle, so any points you have left over will expire. Make sure to get your gas by Saturday! And if you wait until then, be prepared to wait in line!

Weis' current gas cycle also ends on Saturday, March 17th. Then you have until March 24th to use the points you have earned. Don't forget you can use them at Sheetz if you don't live near a Weis with a gas station. Next week, you will not earn $0.10/$50 spent at Weis. They turn them off the week before the points expire.

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