Monday, March 12, 2012

CONFIRMED: Friday and Saturday, Possible Double CAT on Huggies at Giant!

Update: This has been confirmed to be working on some of the items. Specifically PullUps, GoodNites and the large wipe packs! It doesn't seem to be printing anything for the jumbo pack diapers. 

I did this with the GoodNites and it printed 2 $7.00 CAT when I bought 3 packs. I used 3 $2.00/1 IP coupons and also a $2.50 CAT I had from the Clorox deal. I paid $21.47 and got back $14.00 in CATs.


If this happens, it will be amazing! 

This week at Giant/Martin's, if you buy $25 of Huggies, you will get a $7.00 OYNO coupon (off your next order). This is a store promotion and was advertised this week.

Starting the 16th (Friday), if you buy $25 of Huggies, you will get a $7.00 OYNO coupon. The advertisement for this is being printed at Giant, so it could be a national promotion. 

If, and just if, the stars align and they will both print, on Friday and Saturday there will be some amazingly cheap diapers! I will update on Friday morning as soon as someone tests it and reports back! 

You can check out all of this week's deals at Giant/Martin's HERE

Here are some coupons that go along with this deal: 

$3.00 off TWO HUGGIES Little Movers Slip-On Diape

$2.00 off one package of GOODNITES Underwear

Thanks to the Giant Forum at WUC for the info on this one!

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