Tuesday, June 7, 2011

ALL YOU Magazine

You may have noticed that I include coupons found in ALL YOU Magazine in my matchups. I just started buying this magazine in May, and I am impressed with the amount of great coupons found in it! It looks to have good money saving info too, but usually I cut the coupons out before I have time to read it! You can find it for $2.50 at Walmart, and the new issue comes out around the middle of the month. It is currently on RollBack too, so it's now $1.88. The only other way to get it is to subscribe. You can find it on subscription for less than $1.00 an issue!

My June issue has already paid for itself with the $2.00 Got2B coupon, matched up with a B1G1Free sale at Walgreens and a $1.00 off Banana Boat coupon. Also, there was an insert with summer food savings, and I've used a lot of those for cheap food. 

List of June ALL YOU Magazine coupons
They even put a list of the coupons that are inside the magazine online! So you can check to see before you buy.  This doesn't include those extra food ones; I think because different areas got different values on those. 

One more thing that is a neat tool. On their website, they do something called Grocery Store Roundup. You put in your zip code, and it will tell you what is on sale at your local food stores so you can compare all at once! I'd still check the individual flyers for all the specifics, but it's a great tool if you need something and want to find the best price on it!

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