Friday, June 10, 2011

Price Check at Giant!

Have you ever got a coupon for an item you don't normally buy, but are interested in? But you have no idea how much it costs or if the coupon is worth using on it? I have a solution for you.

Because the Giant in Camp Hill offers the order online service, you can look up prices at It could vary a little from the shelf price at your local store (we're talking cents here) But if the item is on sale, the price shown will be exact.

You don't even need to register. Once you are at the home page, click on 'Order Online'. It's on the top menu going across. On that page, click on 'Shop from Home' on the left menu. The next page has you choose a store, so choose Camp Hill. Then, you can either log in which will provide access to things you have bought which are on sale this week, (including sales which may not be in the flyer or just continue as a guest.

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