Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pics of Sunday's Giant Ad!!! 6/12

Some people get the ad in their mailbox early. Actually, you can go to their site and request it. I just did for my new address, so hopefully I will be getting it early too. Pictures are nice, but I do much better when I have something in my hands. Also, note, this person lives where there are Instant Savings Deals instead of Gas Rewards. The items will be the same for the Gas Rewards, but not sure of the value yet. It doesn't always make sense the way it's figured

Thanks CouponDiva85 @ WUC

One highlight, if you need cards, wait until Sunday. Buy 3 Hallmark Expressions cards, get $5.00 off instantly. Not as great as the Catalina deal from May, but still if you buy $1.49cards, you will make @$0.50. ($0.99 cards are excluded) 

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