Monday, June 6, 2011

Walmart Coupon Policy and Price Match Info

I don't shop at Walmart much. They aren't convenient to my house and also walking from one length of the store to the other for 2 items isn't the exercise I want to get. But since getting into coupons, I have found they have some deals! They have actually relaxed their coupon policy in recent months. Also, if your coupon is worth more than the cost of the item, they will either apply the extra money to your other items, or they will give you cash back!

Walmart Coupon Policy
I suggest downloading the PDF file and taking it with you. The cashiers that tell you no usually just don't know the policy and are afraid of getting in trouble.

They also price match other competitors. So if they have what you need at the local grocery store and drug stores, they will match the sale price. And you can still use a coupon. Although, if you are matching a drug store price after a reward (Register Reward at Walgreens, UP reward at Rite Aid or ECB-Extra Care Bucks at CVS) they do not have to match the price after the reward. Some people have had success with this, so it doesn't hurt to ask.

Walmart Ad Match Policy

They say you don't need the competitor's ad, but I suggest taking it with you anyway. You can use a manufacturer's coupon on a price match!

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