Sunday, June 5, 2011

Walgreens 6/5-6/11

Here are the highlights of the sales from Walgreens starting Sunday, June 5th.

At Walgreens, you don't need a discount card. I don't think they care who you are lol. What you get back are RR *Register Rewards*. These are coupons that print at the register after you've paid, like the Catalinas you get at the grocery stores. You can only get one of the same Register Rewards per transaction. You usually can't use the RR you got to buy the same product that generated it.

I am not a Walgreens expert. I usually buy one or two of the things that are free after RR and then use those the next week to buy whatever is free after RR again. But I will try to answer any questions you have or refer you to some online FAQ.

When you go to use your RR, you can't have more manufacturer's coupons and RR's than the number of products you are buying. A lot of time, you will hear about "fillers." These are cheap things you buy which you do not have a coupon for in order to use your RR and maximize your savings. Like Laffy Taffy which is @$0.15.

Free After RR:

Buy Omega Smart Super Critical Ultimate Fish Oil 30 count @$10.00
Use $2 off Printable
Pay $8.00
Get Back $10.00 RR

Buy Healthy Woman Soy Supplement 45 count @$8.00
Pay $8.00
Get Back $8.00RR

Buy SoBe life water @$1.00
Pay $1.00
Get Back $1.00 RR

Buy Reach Dental Care @2/$5.00
Use $2.50/2 off from 4/17 SS *note, to use the coupon, the 2 items must be different as specified by the coupon
Pay $2.50
Get Back $3.00RR 
*Floss 30 yards
*Total Care, Ultraclean, or 2 pack Advanced Design Toothbrushes

Other RR Deals:

Buy Planters Nuts @2/$6.00
Pay $6.00 for 2
Get Back $2.00RR on 2
*Peanuts 16 oz
*Cashew Halves & Pieces 9.25 oz
*Mixed 11.5 oz
*Flavor Grove Almonds

*Dinner Favorites @2/$5.00
Pay $5.00 for 2
Get Back $1.00RR on 2
*Stouffer's 9.6 to 12 oz.
*Hot Pockets
*Lean Cuisine 9 to 11.5 oz

Buy $10 of the following Laundry Care, get back $3.00RR
*Bouncer Dryer Bar or 701 or 80 pack sheets
*10 pack Tide Stain Release or Liquid 20 oz
Use $1.00/1 from 6/5 PG *note, there is also a $3.00/1 coupon, but this size is excluded! *Downy Liquid 21 or 40 loads or 80 pack Sheets
Use $0.50/1 from 6/5 PG
*Cascade Dishwasher Det.
 -Powder or Gel 60 oz
 -15 pack ActionPacs
Use $0.25/1 from 6/5 PG

Buy Duracell Batteries @$2.99
Pay $2.99
Get Back $1.00RR
*Coppertop 4 pack AA or AAA / 2pack C or D / Single 9V
*Ultra 4 pack AA or AAA
This runs concurrently with another RR deal,
Through 6/10, Receive $2.00RR wyb $10.00, $3 RR wyb $15, or $4 wyb $20 on any Duracell Batteries
Looks like it will be one or the other, and the smaller packages is the better deal.

Buy Coppertone Sun Care @$9.99
Use $1.00 off from 5/22 RP
Pay $8.99
Get back $4.00RR

Buy Bic Razors @$5.99
Use $3.00/1 off from 6/5 PG
Pay $2.99
Get Back $2.00RR
*3 to 6 pack Flex 3, Flex 4, Comfort 3 Advanced or Soleil Disposable
*Hybrid Advanced System
(note, the comfort 3 4pk is $2.88 at Walmart...I use my $3 coupons here to get these free for my donation bin)

Buy Nivea For Men Skin Care or Body Wash @2/$7.00
Use 2-$2.00 off from 6/5 RP
Pay $3.00
Get Back $2.00RR

Buy $20.00 of Dr. Scholl's Select Foot Care
Pay $20.00
Get Back $8.00RR

Buy Dove Hair Care @3/$12.00
Buy 4, Use 2-$1.00/2 Men's Shampoo off from 5/22 RP
Pay $14.00/4=$3.50ea
Buy 3, Use 1 $1.00/1 Men's Shampoo off from 5/22 RP
Pay $11.00/3=$3.66ea
Get back $4.00RR
*Shampoo or Conditioner 12 oz
*Treatments 3.3 to 8 oz

Buy Garnier Fructis Hair Care @4/$14.00
Use 4-$1.00/1 from 6/5 RP
Pay $10.00 for 4
Get Back $4.00RR
*Shampoo or Conditioner 10.2 or 13 oz
*Styling Products 2 to 8.5 oz

Buy Aussie or Herbal Essences Hair Care @$2.99
Pay $2.99
Get Back $1.00RR

Buy Colgate Dental Care @2/$5.00
Use $0.75/1 off Toothpaste from SS 6/5 OR
*2 in 1 Total Toothpaste 4.6 to 6 oz
*360 Degree Clean Toothbrush

Buy Claritin Allergy Relief @$19.99
Use $1.00/1 off Colgate Total Toothpaste from Walgreens Diabetes & You, Summer 2011 OR
Use $0.75/1 off Colgate Adult or Kids Manual Toothbrush from SS 6/5 OR
Use $1.00/1 off Colgate 360 Toothbrush, any from ALL YOU Magazine-

Pay Varies
Get Back $2.00RR for 2
Use $5.00/1 off from 5/15 SS
Pay $14.99
Get Back $3.00RR 
*30 ct Tablets or REdiTabs
*24 ct Liqui-Gels

Buy Glucose Monitor @$19.99 
Pay $19.99
Get Back $10.00RR

Buy Prilosec OTC Acid Reducer @$24.99
Use $1.00/1 off from PG 6/5
Pay $23.99
Get Back $5.00RR 

Buy Gillette Fursion ProGlide Razor System @$9.89
Use $4.00/1 off from PG 6/5
Pay $5.89
Get Back $5.00RR

Buy Pampers Jumbo Pack Diapers or Easy Ups @$8.99
Use $1.50/1 off from PG 6/5  
Pay $7.49
Get Back $1.00RR 

Buy Pantene Hair Care @2/$7.00
Use $1.00/2 off from PG 6/5
Pay $6.00 for 2
Get Back $1.00RR on 2

Coupon Deal:

Buy All @$3.50 with in-ad coupon
Use $1.00/1 off from 6/5 RP
Pay $2.50

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