Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday morning shopping 6/5

This trip had some snags, but ended up nicely! 

First off, my car wouldn't start. The battery was dead. This is the 2nd time this week! So I take dh's car. I notice the knob is missing from his radio, so there is no sound. I couldn't turn it up! I had to drive with NO MUSIC! I thought I would die, but since I wasn't about to wake him up before 6am to jumpstart it, and I don't know how, I just dealt with it. He swears you can turn it to get volume, but I don't know how.

First stop, after getting my YDR newspapers was CVS. I had $12.99 in ECB I intended to roll into even more ECB and also a $5 off $30 they emailed me the other day. I only had to hit $30 before coupons, and I had a plan.
I bought:
2 Oral B Pulsar Toothbrushes (battery) on sale for $6.00ea
2 Crest 1L Mouthwash on sale for $4.50ea
1 3pk Bar of Ivory soap on sale for $0.99
2 8ct Excdrin for $0.99ea
2 Colgate MaxFresh 6.0oz toothpaste on sale for $2.49
I added 3 Amp energy drinks marked down 75% to $0.50 to hit $30
My total before sales would have been: $44.38
My total before coupons was $30.45
First, my $5.00 off $30 came off.
Then I used these coupons:
2 $3.00 off Oral B Battery Toothbrush from 6/5 PG 
2 $2.00 off Crest Mouthwash from 6/5 PG
1 $1.00 off Ivory Bar Soap from 5/1 PG
1 $1.00 off Colgate Max toothpaste from ALL YOU Magazine-May
1 $1.00 off Colgate toothpaste from 6/5 SS
My total was $12.45
I used $12.00 in ECB
I paid $0.45 for all that! 
That is a savings for 98.6%!!!
I got back $16.98 in ECB and still have $0.99 from a previous week! 
So, I actually made 'money' buying this stuff today!

Then, across the street to Walgreens. They were out of the Sobe lifewater. The deal was buy one for $0.99, get back $0.99 RR! I could have used a refreshing drink as it was early! The nice younger guy was working and he told me they never came in and to check back later in the week. 
I bought:
1 2-Pack of Reach Toothbrushes @$2.50
1 Reach Floss (actually needed this) @$2.50
My total before sales would have been $8.78
My total before coupons was $5.00
I used this coupon:
1 $2.50/2 Reach products from 4/17 SS
I paid $2.50
I saved 72%
I got back $3.00RR! 
So again, I made 'money' buying this! 

Then, things started to go downhill for a minute. I went to get the Baltimore Sun out of the paper machine. That paper costs $2.00 but I know I make up that $0.50 difference with one coupon of a different value or one that is included in the "big market" paper and not ours. The paper I get does not seem to have the P&G Brandsaver in it. I am upset. I try a different machine, and the same result. So, then I go in to Rutters, and they are selling the Baltimore Sun, and none of them seem to have the P&G Brandsaver either. So, I buy 2 more YDR. I just went back through them and found that they did have the Brandsaver in them, tucked inside the TV section! (I swear I shook them each out 3 times!) So I take back all the mean thoughts about the newspaper delivery guy!

Back to shopping, I go to Weis. I had heard of a clearance deal, and I knew of another and I wanted to use my $7.00 Catalina from the dairy deal last week.
I bought:
1 Megapack of Underjams on 50% clearance for $7.74
4 Smuckers Snack N Waffles on clearance for $1.29ea

My total before clearance was $25.80
My total before coupons was $12.90

I used these coupons:
1 $1.50 off Pampers Diapers or Pants from 6/5 PG
1 $1.00 off Snack N Waffles from ?? I've had it awhile, and I just had the one. Can't find it in the coupon database. It expires 6/30.
3 $1.00 off Snack N Waffles from the Giant Summer Savings book.
1 $7.00 off Catalina from last week
I paid $0.40
I saved 96% according the receipt, but they don't register clearance savings. It was more like 98%!
The cashier said, "That's the way to shop!" 

Then it was off to Giant for some dairy savings and gas points! 
I bought:
1 Jack Daniels BBQ Sauce for $1.99
4 Rotel Canned Tomatoes for $1.00ea
3 Ace of Diamonds Canned Tuna for $1.00ea
6 Dannon Coolosions for $2.00ea
1 Sargento String Cheese for $3.49
My total before sales would have been $31.87
My total before Instant Savings and coupons was $24.48
$5.00 came off because I bought 7 of the dairy items
I used these coupons:
1 $0.55 off any Jack Daniel's Product from 5/8 SS *doubled to $1.10
1 Buy3Get1Free Rotel from ALL YOU Magazine-June
6 $1.00 off Dannon from 6/5 SS
1 $1.00 off Sargento Snacks *Catalina I had found in a cart on a previous visit. 
I paid $10.38
I earned 200 Gas Reward Points (a $6.00 value)
I saved 67%

Then I went to Rite Aid. This is where it went bad. I already had to redo my plan since I thought I was short 2 P&G Brandsavers. I should have just waited for the one by my house to open, but I went to the other one in town. UGH! The cashier got an attitude with me when I asked her where something was. She said, "Look for the sign. It'll tell you what is on sale." Except there were not sale signs on most of the sale items. When she rang up the toothbrushes, I told her I thought they were the wrong ones since they rang up a different price than in the ad. She looks at the ad and tells me they are right. Then, she goes in to explaining to me how UPs work....(yeah, thanks lady, but I probably know them just as well as you, if not better). She tells me my coupon is wrong, when in fact it is the right one. She finally agrees to scan it to see if it'll work, and of course it does. When the receipt prints, I know they weren't the ones I wanted because the UP was the wrong value. She told me she could void it, but I wouldn't get my coupons or the UP reward I used to pay with. Now, I know the 1800 number will reissue the UP, but she refused to give me my coupons, and I didn't think I had anymore for the right item. So, I am thoroughly fed up with her and take what I bought and leave. Of course, the $3/$15 survey doesn't print. But I am still going to call tomorrow and complain. 
I bought:
2 Oral B Battery toothbrushes for $4.99ea
1 Wonderful Pistachios for $2.50
My total before sales would have been $18.47
My total before coupons was $12.48
I used these coupons:
2 $3.00 off Oral B Battery toothbrushes
1 $1.00 off Wonderful Pistachios from 3/20 SS
1 $4.99 UP from a previous visit
I paid $0.49
I saved 97%
I got back $2.00UP for next time, and I still have $6.98UP from last week
**I should have bought toothbrushes that were $5.99, used the same coupon and got back $2.99UP on each.

Retail Value: $129.30
Price Paid: $14.22
Total Savings 89%
And I spent $10.00 on 6 newspapers 

Used $12.00ECB
Used $4.98UP
Got Back $16.98ECB
Got Back $3.00RR
Got Back $2.00UP
Earned 200 Gas Rewards points

I may go back to my local Rite Aid and get the right toothbrushes. I'm sure they have their sale signs up.

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